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Jul 27, 2012

Friday Letters & Some Anniversary Mushiness

Dear Germany,
I'm enjoying the warm weather by doing fun things like this:
and this:
...but now that it's 90 degrees, I'm melting. 
Stop it, Germany. There's no need to try and be like the USA. You're an A/C-less country. You're not fooling anybody.

Dear flat tires,
You suck. 
Making us €300 poorer this week was not on my to-do list. Thanks for that.
(Hubs with his new Captain's present...the one we've only had 3 months and had to get new tires for. Yeah. Pissed is an understatement.)

Dear Cousin,
You've left us here in Germany alllll alone. I hope you enjoyed your time here studying abroad. We've enjoyed having you only 2 hours away for the first time in YEARS. Funny how we had to move to a foreign country for that to happen. Germany will miss you. We will miss you. Say hello to 'merica for us...oh and eat some good Mexican food. We'll live vicariously through you, kay?

Dear Self,
You've been rockin' it out in the kitchen lately. Waistline friendly stuff, too. 
Keep it up...and post these recipes so your friends can stop drooling.

Dear Hunk-o-mine,
It's our 5 year anniversary tomorrow. 
5 years of wedded bliss. My heart is so full! I can't believe it's been that long since we walked down the aisle, exchanged promises of forever, and I took you as my husband, I as your wife. It seems like just yesterday. I still get chills thinking about that day and all the wonderful things that have happened to us since then. We've built such a beautiful life together. So full of laughter and happiness, tears and growth. After almost 12 years together, never wavering, you are the only man I'd ever want. The only man I ever need. We were designed for each other by the hand of our Creator, He made you just for me. I thank Him everyday for that, too. Thank you, also, for all your sweet everyday nothings-they really aren't nothing to me. They're actually everything. You know my heart, inside its deepest caverns, the parts I'm always afraid to show...but you love me anyway. And I'm a better person for loving you. All my love, sweet husband. Here's to 100 more.



  1. Congratulations on your anniversary! And oh my, those dishes look so yummy!

  2. Happy anniversary! And all that food looks DELICIOUS!

  3. That food looks so good! And happy anniversary! 5 years is a big milestone, I hope you have a wonderful time celebrating :)
    It's the Journey

  4. I found you from the link up! I love your food pics! Congrats on your Anniversary! Cheers to 100 MORE!
    Stop By Sometime!

  5. Happy anniversary! Hope y'all have fun celebrating. :)

  6. Happy anniversary! And hop to it on those recipes lady, I'm hungry.

  7. Happy Anniversary! You're such a cute couple. Cheers for 100 more years :) Those dishes look amazing...please, do share!

  8. Oh I just couldn't live without AC! Hope it gets cooler soon!
    And please post those recipes! It all looks yummy!
    Happy anniversary!

  9. Happy anniversary to you two!! Also, all that food looks amazing and so does relaxing in the warm weather -- can I come visit?!


  10. Loved these letters!!! And YES PLEASE post those recipes :-) I most assuredly am drooling! Happy Anniversary to you and your dear husband! Enjoy your weekend Casey!

  11. what a sweet post! happy anniversary! i'm with you on the weather.....we're dying at work with no a/c! flat tires...no bueno!

  12. Germany is where i need to be

    have a great weekend! come say hello at nichollvincent.blogspot.com

  13. Gorgeous photos, I can see myself flipping the pages of that magazine right about now (sigh) I wish!

  14. Love your Friday letters! And you really are making me drool over those recipes. They look so yummy! I'm a new follower to your blog sent over by It Happened On a Sunday! Love your blog and I cannot wait to see more :)

    Miss V's Busy Bees


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