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Jul 6, 2012

My Big Fat European Family Vacation: The Arrival & Rüdesheim

My family arrived to Germany bright an early on May 9th, 2012. D and I waited patently for 2 hours in the Frankfurt Airport as they de-boarded, got their luggage, and made their way to the arrivals gate. As soon as I saw my mom, all giddy as a schoolgirl, I couldn't control the tears. For some reason, it felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. They were finally here. Safe and sound. I snapped one quick, blurry photo, then hugs went all around.

After all the hugs and hellos were accounted for...we made our way back to Wiesbaden to let the fam freshen up before taking them down to Rüdesheim for their first taste of life in Germany! We chose Rüdesheim as a starting point because, well, it's just beautiful there. It's situated right on the Rhine River amongst rows and rows of lush vineyards. If this place couldn't get their German juices flowing, I don't know what place could. One of the towns main attractions is the Seilbahn, a train of 2-person cable cars that carry you up to the Niederwald Monument, offering stunning views of the Rhine and its vineyards along the way. Of course, in true Germany fashion, the weather turned from sunny to rainy in a matter of seconds, making for less than desirable cable car riding conditions. If the German weather was a deciding factor in the activities we pursued, we'd never do a thing. Thankfully, my family threw caution to the wind and we took the Seilbahn up to the monument in the cold and rain anyway. They were starting to look like expats already. :)

The fam had so much fun that we opted to buy the €5 picture postcard to commemorate the experience! After braving the wind and rain on the Seilbahn, we decided it was time to head to our favorite Rüdesheim restaurant, Winzerkeller, to warm our bodies and introduce the fam to traditional German cuisine. Aside from a few family members falling asleep at the table as we waited for food (totally not kidding...the jet lag hit them HARD that afternoon, the Hefeweizens didn't help), they seemed to enjoy the hearty Jägerschnitzel and Käsespatzel that Germany's so famous for!

The fam was quickly fading as the jet lag began to take over their bodies. D and I couldn't help but laugh. We know that feeling all to well...and it majorly sucks. So, we made the decision to head back to Wiesbaden for some rest. After all, early the next morning we were off to Bavaria for a 4 day stay at Edelweiss in Garmisch-Partenkirchen! Alps, and castles, and bike rides...OH MY! 

{FYI, please excuse the brief blog hiatus I'm about to take starting tomorrow. D is whisking me away on an early 5 year anniversary getaway to Lake Constance! Cue squeals! We'll be spending the next 5 days sunbathing on our lake-front terrace, boating to little towns in Germany & Switzerland (the lake boarders Germany, Austria, and Switzerland...BONUS!), and enjoying lots quiet time together amongst the Swiss Alps. I'm pretty sure this is what heaven will be like. And since I'm THE WORST at scheduling posts, you'll have to wait until next Thursday to see the recap of our family vacay in Bavaria. Sorry Charlies. But, if you want to keep up with all the fun stuff we'll be doing at Lake Constance, make sure you follow my Instagram stream! I'm sure I'll be posting pics like a mad woman. Username: @CaseyCote}

Until next week...Tschüss!!


  1. I can't believe you will be celebrating your 5th wedding anniversary on the 28th! Even though I will miss the continuing saga of your Europe Vaca, I will pray that you and "D" have a fabuloso time celebrating your 5th...Tell him that his mom said to buy you something super nice...this is the first of the "big ones" (anniversaries that is)...miss you much, love your more...M

  2. Your photos are beautiful -- and definitely make me want to go back to Europe! Have an amazing time on vacation! Super cute blog, I'm your newest follower! xo


  3. omg. Looks and sounds like a blast. Fabulous post, love. I've got a new outfit post. If you get a sec I'd love to hear your thoughts. xo


  4. ooo have tons of fun on your trip!!! i just found your blog through Jenni and am your newest followers! (:

  5. I used to live in a small town in Germany called Idar-Oberstein which is in the Rhineland-Pfalz... I moved back to Texas, but my mom moved down to Garmisch and works at the Marshall Center. If you've never been to Garmisch before - you are going to be shocked, just shocked at how beautiful it is! Oh goodness, I wish I could move back there. Definitely go check out the Zugspitze, Eibsee, and if you get a chance, definitely make the hike up to Sebensee just right across the border in Austria {it's about 20 minutes across the border}. It's unlike anything you've ever seen before. Absolutely picturesque!!! But make sure you get an early start because it will take you all day. It's so worth it though.

    I hope you have an amazing trip with your family! :)

  6. Wow! What a fun blog! I just found your blog via your comment my good friend Jenni's and I'm so glad I did. Looks like your life is just full of adventures. Can't wait to hear about the anniversary trip you're currently on :-). Congrats on 5 years and so nice to "meet" you!


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