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Jul 20, 2012

Rhine River Cruisin'

{Hi, Story of my Life follower and Thee Blog Hop hoppers! If you're here for the first time, WELCOME! So happy to have you visit my little slice of blogland. I hope you'll stay awhile! Right now I'm recapping the events of My Big Fat European Family Vacation that took place this past May. I took 9 of my closest family members on a whirlwind 2 week journey through 3 different European countries, making for some interesting family bonding and some unforgettable memories! Here's a link to where you can read all the family vacation posts just to get you up to speed. Also, don't forget to stop by my "About Me" page to learn to a little more about yours truly. Happy Friday, y'all!}

Since the day we stepped foot on German soil, I'd been wanting to go on a Rhine River cruise. We live in the Rhineland and the river basically runs through our backyard, so it's kind of the thing to do around here. Relaxing on a boat for hours, watching the castles and cute German towns roll by while enjoying copious amounts of Rhineland wine and Hefeweizens. Sounds pretty perfect, doesn't it? I'm here to tell you, it totally is. I'm also here to tell you how we almost missed out on it.

We woke up bright and early on day 6 of our family vacation (can't believe this is only day six! 8 days and one more country to go!) and set out for the port in Mainz to catch our boat. Little did we know that the traffic and parking was going to be HORRIBLE there, causing us to miss the boat...and for me to loose my mind. The guy at the dock was so rude and unhelpful. He ruffled my feathers big time. It took everything I had to not push him off that dock. So, I took a second and cried it out, in true girl fashion. Everything had gone so smoothly up until this point that I was completely floored at the idea that this might be our  first vacation downfall. I mean, we'd already purchased our tickets. We weren't missing out on this cruise! Luckily the fam was able to calm me down and we devised a plan to get us to the next dock (which was 20 minutes away in Rudesheim). If we drove quickly, we'd beat the boat there and we'd be able to start our cruise a few stops down. I've seriously never driven so fast in my life. Thankfully most of it was Autobahn driving and speed limits weren't much of an issue. I'm happy to say we made it there with PLENTY of time to spare! The lady at the dock in Rudesheim was so nice and exchanged our tickets with no hesitation. She even helped us plan out where we'd stop for lunch along the river. AND come to find out, the boat coming back down the river wasn't going to make a stop in Mainz that night. Had we parked our car and boarded where we were originally supposed to (next to that mean, mean, dock worker), we would have had to catch the train back to Mainz to get our cars! The Lord works in mysterious ways, doesn't he?! I felt so humbled and happy. That'll teach me to freak out a bit less next time. :) 

Now, on to the photos! There are a lot of them...consider yourselves warned.



WHEW! Are you guys still with me? Believe me, it was a loonnnggg cruise! We saw at least 20 different castles and 15 adorable German Rhine towns...and that was just our trip up the river. Insane, right? It was a little after 1pm when we arrived at the port in Braubach. We decided this would be a nice place to disembark for lunch and to do a little exploring. D and I had been to Braubach before...well not exactly the town of Braubach, but we visited Marksburg, the town's famous castle, during our first few weeks living in Germany. It was nice to see it from another perspective.

While walking to lunch, we found this cute little guy waiting patiently outside of a restaurant in his own doggy stroller. I've never seen anything like it...nor a dog so fluffy that he looks like a stuffed animal. So, naturally we chose that restaurant for lunch just so we could pet him to death. I have to admit, I ate the best Currywurst of my life in that little place. I also tried pistachio gelato for the first time. DI-VINE!

An hour and a half later we were back on the boat, heading home to Wiesbaden. Did you know that boating upstream takes WAY longer than going downstream. Obviously it's because you're going against the river's current. Needless to say going home took forever. A few of us may or may not have fallen asleep in the on board Subway restaurant. They had couches...what else was a girl to do?

Even though we had a small hiccup in plans that morning, our day on the Rhine was nothing short of lovely. Go ahead and add a day trip with KD Rhine to your bucket list. You can thank me later.

On another note, I'm giving my iMac the weekend off from picture editing. Besides, I think I might be developing carpal tunnel. Come back for a visit next week when I'll start recapping the Italian portion of our family vaycay! Think vineyard laden hills of Tuscany, Florence duomo's, history-rich Rome, and the beautiful ocean views of Cinque Terra. *Sigh* Can someone just take me back now, please? No? Oh well.
 Here's wishing you a wonderful weekend!


  1. CASTLES are the reason I want to visit Europe some day! The architecture just looks so gorgeous in Germany!

  2. Lovely photos, and thank goodness you made your cruise! It's always an adventure going on vacation... most recently, I had to walk the Golden Gate Bridge twice due to a road closure on the other side. We were supposed to walk one way and get picked up by a tour bus, but... needless to say, that didn't happen! :) At least you got a good story out of it -- and tons of great pictures!

  3. Ahhhhh!!!! Casey, I've just be ooohhhhing and ahhhhing my way through this entire post today. What a wonderful day! (Sans rocky start of course...but wasn't that so neat how God worked it all out??) - Anyway, I am really looking forward to the Tuscany portion of this trip! Thank you for all the photo editing and sharing you've been doing. I've sure been enjoying it :-) Happy weekend to you!

  4. I found your fabulous blog through story of my life and am so pleased I did!!
    I am also a native English Speaker living in Germany with my hubby. There's not many of us over here so we need to stick together! Am looking forward to reading about more of your adventures.

    Your newest follower
    Antoinette xx


  5. I can't seem to find the option to follow your blog. Its normally above the followers list.

  6. I just found your blog and am so happy I did! I also live in Germany (born and raised here) but lived in Japan for a few years so I always particularly enjoy blogs like yours :) Oh and your pictures are beautiful! I love the Rhine river, it runs through my city (Düsseldorf) and its such a beautiful place to hang out during the summer!

  7. So preeettttyyyyyy! I cant wait until we can take this trip! Hopefully this week sometime!

  8. I also found your blog through Story of my Life, and am so thankful to Jenni for directing us here! What gorgeous pictures...all this time I've only ever wanted to at least travel to England & Italy (as far as Europe goes), but now I must add Germany to that list! You've got me hooked...hope you don't mind, but I now have to "stalk" the rest of your blog. I love it!

  9. Ya'll are such an cute couple...so happy to follow from the Thee Blog Hop. We have some things in common: my husband is a Marine and I'm a Carolina girl too...South Carolina-)

  10. What a fantastic trip! Beautiful photographs. Stopped over from The Networking Blog Hop & I am your newest follower. I would love for you to visit The Corson Cottage sometime:) Carrie

  11. WOW! What a beautiful place! Found you thru the blog hop! Following! YAY!

    Ramblings of a Southern Belle

  12. That looks super fun! Loved looking at your pictures.

    Stopping by from this huge blog hop! Newest follower. Love for you to stop by and return the follow when you can!


  13. I love reading about your Ex-pat adventures. I'm relocating to Amsterdam in less than a month. Your blog is getting me excited. Cheers!

  14. Beautiful!! You two are so adorable! My husband is just getting out of the military next WEEK! Yay!! I have some friends that live in Germany, I'll let you know if we visit. :)

  15. What beautiful photos - and the weather was great, too, you lucky girl!

    We have been wanting to do a cruise as well, thank you for this post, I will check out that website.

    I am glad you had fun!

  16. I have done the rhine river cruise so many times and it never gets old! I essentially grew up (not really) in this area - my dad's best friend/business partner lives in Bacharach right on the rhine so I was there every other year as a child since before I could remember!

    Ironically, I married a German and am now living very close to the Rhein River in Frankfurt! Where in Germany are you? We should be friends, obviously.

    <3 Roots, Wings, & Other Things.

  17. Hey there! I am big fan of you blog and a regular reader, I recently nominated you for an award link-up thing I got involved in. Stop by Me+Life+Coffee to take a look! Hope you are well, Sally xoxo

  18. New follower and I am obviously jealous of everything in this post! I can't wait to creep your blog even more and find other gems!!

    Stop by and say hi sometime!

  19. Great pics. Looks like it was lots of fun.

    I am your newest GFC follower. Your blog is super adorable.

    Stop by whenever you can.

    The Things We Find Inside

  20. Hey there! I am visiting from the Thee Blog Hop. I am a little late but I just wanted to stop by! I am a new follower! I blog over at http://www.garagesalesrus.blogspot.com/ hope you will stop by and do the same. I have an awesome giveaway going on with a Cricut machine! I would Love it if you would stop by and enter!


  21. Hi! Found your blog via WTF, and love it! I was born in Frankfurt and have a deep love for all things Germany, so I'm a bit jealous of your adventures :) This is a great post - when I was 10, we canoed down a part of the Rhine River for a week... talk about a different experience than you had. Looks like so much fun! I'm your newest follower. Keep up the great blogging!


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