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Dec 13, 2011

It's Beginning To Look Alot Like Christmas...

We've decked the halls here at Casa de Coté! Come and see how we've managed to turn our little German flat into a cozy Christmas wonderland!

You might remember 'Mega Tree' and how he came to be a few posts back. Well, here he is again in all his wonky tree glory! I seriously love him.

Our tree is a veritable modge podge of ornaments that I've bought, been given, or ones that have been passed down to me from family. No need for coordinating colors and designer tinsel. I quite like the idea of  a tree filled with memories. The photo below showcases all the newest additions to our tree this year...straight from each Christmas Market we've visited!

This little guy is D's fave...and one of mine as well. It's representative of my Dad, the doughnut man. He's worked as an engineer at Krispy Kreme for over 30 years. My grandpa managed one of the first Krispy Kreme stores ever opened. Doughnut glaze runs thick in the blood of this family. I love flipping the switch on this little sign and seeing him flash "HOT NOW" just like the big versions hung in every Krispy Kreme shop around the world. Makes me want a hot-off-the-line doughnut every time!

What's the oldest ornament on our tree? Well, it would probably have to be my MeeMaw's crochet snowflakes that used to be a part of her Christmas tree. A close second would be my "Bart Loves Casey" ornament pictured above. I had a bit of an obsession with the Simpson's TV show when I was younger. I know, very strange. Nevertheless, Mom obliged my Simpson's affinity and gave me my very own Bart Simpson ornament dated back to 1990. Ahhh, the random cartoon crushes of a 5 year old. :)

The stockings were hung by the...ahem TV...with care...
...in hopes that St. Nicolas will use his noodle and be super clever about how he gets our presents to us this year. 
Sorry Santa.

This is another piece of holiday decor new to us this year. D and I bought this colorful, glowing star at the Christmas Market in Cologne a few weeks back. These stars can be found at practically every Christmas Market in Germany...must be pretty popular! It reminds me of the Moravian stars we have back home...only with a little more pizazz! Totally makes me happy.

This also makes me happy.
And reminds me that I'm missing a camel. Humpf.

Time for a little horn tooting with a few DIY Christmas decorations I fashioned this year! Go me! First up, my trifle bowl coffee table centerpiece! I just filled my trusty trifle bowl with sparkly balls, vintage ornament bulbs (from MeeMaw's collection), and a few sprigs of sequins and beads from...I can barely type it...Target. {I miss you!} Swoon. Who says trifle bowls are just for desserts?

Now for my the debut of my first official Pinterest project! 
The wire hanger ornament wreath!!

Oh...I die for this wreath! It really wasn't that hard to make either. Just a wire hanger, a variety of different sized ball ornaments, and a cute bow! Voilà! You have an ornament wreath!

And finally...
The official 2011 TEAM COTÉ Christmas Card!



This year's card is my favorite yet! I love Shutterfly and have used them the past two years for our Christmas cards. Know who else I also love? Leah at Boy & Girl Photography. She took the AH-MAZING photos of us that are plastered all over this year's card. I seriously couldn't decide which photo to use (because they were all so stinkin' fabulous!) so I squeezed in as many as Shutterfly would let me. And to prove we really are here in Germany, I added a photo on the back of D and I at the pumpkin festival in Ludwigsburg...along with a few lines from a poem I wrote the day before our wedding. Should look familiar, Mom! :)

 {Side note: If you are in the Triad area of NC and need some awesome photos of you or your family taken...give Boy & Girl Photography a call! I promise, you won't regret it!}

Wall Of Memories Christmas Card
View the entire collection of cards.

Well folks, that's the whole kit-n-kaboodle! 
How about you? Let's see your Christmas decor!
Link up with Becky @From Mrs. to Mama and Aly @Analyze This and show off your holiday cheer!


  1. Oh my gosh I love your Christmas card! So cute!!!

    And your ornament wreath turned out sooo good! I made one last year but it's kinda lopsided haha!

  2. Love all of your decorations!!

    Your Krispy Kreme ornament is amazing and what great memories it holds!

  3. o-m-g. all those pinterest inspired crafts? turned out AMAZING. like woah. that centerpiece? looks like a professional piece. for serious, I LOVE IT. i NEED it!

  4. i looooove your Christmas card. The pictures are too stinkin' cute! Great job on the wreath, too! Ah, I love the holidays!

  5. Umm, your Pinterest craft turned out SO GOOD!!! :) I'm jealous!!!

  6. i have the same nativity set! and i LOVE it. unfortunately i have zero space to put it out this year... we're in a rental and have NO shelf space.

    your christmas card is sooooo lovely!!

  7. I love your card!!! Very cute. We love Shutterfly as well!

  8. wow! fab job on the house! i love all the decor and i didn't think to use the tv stand as a place to hang stockings. I'll definitely do it for next year. Still sucks not having a mantel! just so you know, i'm a HUGE krispy kreme fan!!!! your cards came out great too. we did ours through shutterfly too. how were you able to save a picture of your card?

  9. i also have all the items needed for an ornament wreath, I just have to make it!!! i need motivation!

  10. Everything is beautiful! I love your Christmas card too!


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