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Dec 21, 2011

A German Winter Wonderland

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On an even more exciting note...

It totally snowed here in Germany yesterday!

4 inches of fresh, white powder appeared overnight! It. Was. Awesome. D got lucky and didn't have to be in to work until noon, so we took advantage of the extra time together by laying in bed, drinking coffee, and watching Home Alone until it was time for his snow day to end. Then, we put on our snow gear and I walked him down to our car. By mid-day, the snow had pretty much slushed up on the roads from the temperature warming up and all the speedy German drivers just jetting along. They've obviously been around snow a time or two.

I swear, our neighborhood is even more lovely in the snow.

Aww Gretta! She looked cold. We had to dig her out so D could get to work.

There she is!

There's D, driving away. Being from NC where the world SHUTS DOWN at the slightest hint of snow, we've never really had to drive in it too much. But yesterday, D got to find out how much of a pain in the butt street parking is when it snows. He had a "near death" (those were his words, not mine...he seriously wasn't near death) experience trying to park Gretta on a hill. Needless to say, he scared himself enough that he'll only be parking on flat land from now on. Who knew 4 inches of snow could cause so many revelations?!

The stairwell up to our front door. Somebody didn't shovel!

 View from our balcony. The house across the street stood out so much against the snowy neighborhood. Loved it.

I posted a video documenting our first German snow day on my personal Facebook page for all my family and friends to see...so now, I'll share it with you! I guess it's kind of like my first Vlog! Well, sort of.
(P.S- I totally hate listening to myself talk on video. I feel like I sound so ridiculous. A real Vlog is definitely not in my future.)

This was taken on my iPhone. Please excuse the "skinniness" and craptastic quality.

So, there you go. Our first German snow day. I'm sure there will be plenty more where that came from! Here's hoping for a White Christmas!!


  1. Beautiful! As pretty as it is, I'm still glad the majority of it waited until we left!!! :)

  2. Hi there! New follower from FTLOB. I enjoyed your quick q's with them, and saw that you are also an Air Force Officer's wife, so I had to follow :-)

    We'll be moving from sunny Cali to snowy ND for our next duty station soon. I feel like your pics are getting me in the right state of mind!

    You can check me out at http://animakinsi.blogspot.com and http://husbandquote.blogspot.com if you like. Have a great day!

  3. ahhh snow!!! eee i'm missing snow this Christmas season!

  4. Wow.. that's like a christmas card scene.. lucky you :]

  5. so nutso! Cant wait for all the snow but Im also scared for it haha


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