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Dec 12, 2011

A Case of the Monday's

I know why Germans look so cranky all the time. It's because they never see the sun. Seriously. Case cracked. It's super gloomy here in Germany. All. The. Time. Cold, rainy, foggy. Blah, blah, blah. We saw the sun all day Saturday, but it's not due to make an appearance again until this coming Saturday. 7 more days of craptastic weather. Shoot me now. Can it please just snow already?! I've been popping Vitamin D like it's candy (*disclaimer* I know the UL and I'm definitely under it...promise I won't OD) just to stave off the depression. The rain and darkness totally made waking up this morning a complete task in itself. Already a less than ideal start to my Monday.

Sleeping is my drug...my bed is the dealer...my alarm clock's the police. 
End of story.

When I finally mustered up the strength to get out of bed, I made my way to the bathroom to do my normal morning routine. Pee, wash face, brush teeth. Easy peasy, aye? Only difference in my routine today was the fact that I grabbed D's toothbrush instead of mine....and I brushed away...unknowingly using my husband's toothbrush. Why I grabbed his instead of mine, I'll never know. I shudder at the ridiculousness. As soon as I dropped his toothbrush back into the holder and noticed my pretty pink one untouched and dry as a bone...I shrieked. Loudly. How to describe my mortification? It's like that feeling you get the moment you realize you've done something wrong and a sense of panic rushes over you...except add in the thought of the grossness associated with swapping weeks of breakfasts, lunches, and dinners with your significant other in the mere two minutes it takes to complete a daily hygienic routine. Gag me. I instantly hung my head in shame. D came running in the bathroom like a bat outta hell asking what had happened. I was almost too embarrassed to tell him. Mostly because this isn't the first time this has happened. Ohhh no.

Hi. I'm Casey and I'm a serial toothbrush stealer. 

In my defense, I was not in control of my own devices when all of the said toothbrush stealing events occurred (I typically live in LaLa Land until breakfast most mornings). Thankfully D is used to my morning carelessness...so he just smiled, laughed, and handed me the mouthwash

That's my boy.

{Side note: this incident always reminds me of Lily and Marshall on HIMYM and the episode where they revealed that they share a toothbrush...out of their own free wills. Ted and Robin were completely mortified and rightly so...because as the show went on, they slowly realized they had been using it too. See, it's hilariously disgusting and it happens to everybody. No harm, no foul.}


In an attempt to redeem my already crap-tastic morning, I headed to the gym for my 2 hour power workout (operation fierce bod is underway and going well!). This workout consists of 1 hour of core, cardio, and strength training combined with an additional hour of high energy Zumba. I absolutely love my workouts on Monday's and Friday's. I feel like a rockstar after I leave the gym. Endorphins rising, muscles screaming, and the sweat's dripping. Best feeling in the world. But, today...oh today...it's like I had baby deer legs. Completely useless, immature, and flailing around. I could barely push through the 200 squats our crazy, yet awesome, Russian fitness instructor made us do without seeing my breakfast again. I felt weak and just plain "off." That's totally not like me. Only explanation I can come up with is that I'm starting to get sick. I can practically feel my body begging for some Vitamin C, so I know it's coming. D's had a cough and a heavy chest for almost a week...he's the culprit. So glad I sealed the sickness deal by using his toothbrush this morning. Ugh. Epic fail.

So, here I am, showered and back in my cozy gingerbread PJ's with a cup of soup and couple of hours to kill before the hubby comes home to save me from boredom. I well aware it's only 2pm, but this day has already kicked the crap out of me. The white flag is up and waving.

I'm surrendering to a case of the Monday's.

Check back tomorrow for a link-up and a Christmas post! 
I promise to be more jovial.


  1. Awww I hope you don't get sick! I think I read somewhere that tomatoes actually have more vitamin C packed in them than oranges. Make yourself some tomato soup...or have your wonderful husband make you some!

    I once accidentally used my husband's toothbrush, and I really, really hope that never happens again!

  2. Just stumbled upon your cute blog & I'm now your newest follower :) I'm making the move across the pond in August to the UK. The weather there isn't much better - yay!!! (sense the sarcasm ha.) I'm planning on getting some cute rain boots to help wash away the blues of the gloomy days - does the vitD seem to help?


  3. OMG...today was a horrible monday for all of us at work today! let's hope it gets better the rest of the week. lovin' the gingerbread jammies!

  4. I am seriously over this weather! Its been raining EVERY DAMN DAY for over a week! I miss the sun!


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