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Dec 31, 2011

2011: A Year of Changes

I'm finding it hard to wrap my brain around the fact that 2011 has come to a close. Where has the time gone?! So much has happened this year that I thought I'd do a little recap of the things I found most important to the story of my 2011. {Don't forget to click the links to see various blog posts chronicling the last 10 months!}

 2011 began and I found myself newly jobless. I spent most of January enjoying my time off, entertaining my best girlfriends at our home in VA, and starting up new projects. My blog wasn't up and running then, but it sure was in the works! We were also patiently awaiting orders for our summer PCS. But, the biggest thing that happened that month was D coming home from his 6 month deployment to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. 
Best. Day. Ever.

This video is a compilation of the photos our lovely photographer Leila Wylie captured of D's homecoming. Still makes me cry.

The end of January also brought the retirement of Flat D...one of the best ideas I'd ever had. D went everywhere I went and did everything I did for 6 months. Never missed a beat. He was the life of the party everywhere we went!

D was finally home, I was happy, and we were adjusting to life back in the same house together. We spent 2 weeks back in North Carolina for D's post-deployment R&R and were still, although rather impatiently now, waiting for orders to Lord knows where. D also spent a week recovering on the couch from PRK eye surgery. Oh and I also officially started blogging! Granted, it was only a test post, but I had to start somewhere!

Here are photos from D's ThanksChristmaBirthday celebration! We threw a big party with both of our families to celebrate each holiday D missed while deployed. My mom kept her Christmas tree up from Thanksgiving through February 10th that year. How epic is that?!

I surprised D with a little "Reintegration Vacation" to Asheville after he returned home. We spent 4 days in an adorable cabin in the mountains. We went to the Biltmore House (pictured below), it snowed, AND I got food poisoning and spent a day and a half sick in bed. Story of my life. We still had a great time, even with my unruly tummy.

The scenery during drinks at the Grove Park Inn. So beautiful!


March was home to one of the biggest surprises of our lives, which you can read about (link above) in one of my first REAL blog posts. This month was basically one big blur after that.

We held a huge yard sale back home in NC in preparation for our big move abroad! Most of this month was spent going to meetings, organizing life, and making big decisions. 

We sold Pearl...and I cried. My family came to VA for the Air Show and one last visit to VA beach before the big move. This month we also attended more meetings, tied up loose ends, and unfortunately lost one of D's friends and co-workers in Afghanistan. Oh...and the first round of MOVERS CAME!

The movers came and went. We spent 5 glorious days in the Langley TLF before saying goodbye to Virginia and heading home to NC for 2 weeks of soaking up the USA and saying
'Auf Wiedersehen' to family and friends. 
On June 23rd, 2011 we left America heading for the land of beer and lederhosen! We spent our last few days of June starting the adjustment to our new life in Germany.

We bought Greta and started exploring more of Germany! Unfortunately, we were also still stuck living in a hotel room on base. The good news was that among exploring Wiesbaden, our new city that month, we were able to find a flat! Hotel living would soon be coming to an end! July was also special because we made new friends and celebrated our 4th year of wedded bliss in Rothenburg ob der Tauber (which I totally forgot to blog about!).

We geared up for a month full of moving into our new flat! Thankfully we were also able to squeeze in a little trip to Heidelberg among all the boxes and unpacking. Towards the middle of August I up and hopped a flight to back to the USA to attend the nuptials of one of my favorite Kansas cousins! D was left here in Germany to start his new job. I know, I'm so mean.

I was stateside enjoying home this entire month. D was lucky enough to have his job send him to Baltimore for a week, so naturally we met up in Washington D.C. on Labor Day weekend. After our sweet vacation in D.C, D went back to Germany (sad face) and I headed back to NC to throw my BFF the best Bachelorette Party in the history of ever!

I spent the first 2 weeks of THE GREATEST MONTH OF THE YEAR stateside (with D) celebrating the wedding of my BFF and her sweet hubby, Jacob! Sadly, soon after the wedding we said goodbye to our families once again and headed back to Germany. Per the usual, the rest of October was spent celebrating my 25th year of life! We took an AH-MAZING trip to London (part 2 can be found here), made our first television debut, and I finally showed off our new flat on the 'ole bloggy blog!

I must say, we're getting pretty good at this "hold the camera 5 inches away from our faces and try to take a normal picture" thing when we travel alone.

The first edition of my German Idiosyncrasies series came to fruition and gave everyone a good laugh (second edition found here). D and I did a lot of sight-seeing this month...a winery on the Rhine River...a pumpkin festival at a castle...and downtown Wiesbaden, our new city. We also celebrated our first Thanksgiving in Germany!

This month was full of holiday cheer and held a lot of firsts for us. First time we've visited France. First time we've ever shoved a 7.5ft Christmas tree into a the trunk of BMW. First time we've visited a German Christmas Market. First snow day in Germany. And the first time we've spent Christmas away from both of our families (well, second time for D...but who's counting).

2011 has been full of big changes, hello's & goodbyes, traveling, and making new memories in a beautiful new country. God has blessed us so richly this year. I can't imagine what blessings 2012 will hold for Team Coté! Happy New Year to those, near and far! Wishing you and yours a healthy and prosperous 2012!! Until next year, yall!


  1. What a great year for you! I love finding other AF wives! :) the Flat D is a cute idea. It must have been so fun to show your husband when he got home!

  2. Happy New Year! I think our bases are maybe an hour or 90min apart. we are down in Ramstein :)

  3. Loved catching up with you! What a year you had! Hope 2012 brings many more blessings. If J gets stationed in Norfolk this year, I'll be asking your advice on a few things. ;)

  4. I loved, loved, loved this recap! I need to remember to do it like this next year. It's been fun catching up on posts I missed before I started reading your blog!

  5. Happy New Year from one miltary wife in Germany to another! :)

  6. Love your recap of what looks like a FABULOUS year! Nice to get to know you and see how much fun the AF life can be :) I love your positive attitude!

    Just wanted to check and see if your secret santa gift came in :) I realized I totally forgot to tell you who I was in my piece of paper - oops!

    Happy New Year :)


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