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Nov 30, 2011

A Saturday in Wiesbaden

A few Saturday's ago, D and I ventured out into the beautiful city 
right outside our front doorsteps.

This is Wiesbaden.
{These are the perks of city living.}

A downtown market full of fresh produce, meats, cheese, and flowers.
 And a wine bar? It's 5 o'clock somewhere!

Signs of the Christmas Market were making an appearance.

Just in case you get cold, Wiesbaden.

Street vendor food after a bit of Christmas shopping.

And oh look...there's a little castle. 
In case you forgot your were in Germany.

A pommes shop we're going to try...one day. 
Samauri Sauce, pleeease.

Dulce's fine chocolates, coffee, and gelato. 
Surely this is heaven.

Wiesbaden's largest Cuckoo Clock? Time to get moving.

On the path home...the Kurhaus. 
D's squadron Christmas party will take place here. 
I. Can't. Wait.

A bit of autumn, still hanging on.

Yummy hot chocolate. Just a sip.

A handsome guy in tote. I'm a lucky girl.

The view on the walk back to our flat. 
Shortcut through the Kurpark.

A German meal to end the day.
Mainz-Kastel, close enough.

Spundekäs and Pork Medallions a la Béarnaise sauce.
Flavor explosion.

And a GIANT Hefeweizen to wash it all down.
Someone's eyes were bigger than his tummy.
Cheers to you, friends far and near!

Just another Saturday in Wiesbaden.
{So in love with our new home}


  1. So gorgeous! Looks like a productive and fun-filled Saturday!

  2. I had no idea your town was so pretty or had so much to offer! Beautiful photos!

  3. Lol - that pesky clock!! When I was there we waited like 15 minutes to have it chime since it's the "largest cuckoo clock in the world." The friend I was traveling with at the time and I were very disappointed. It is sad. Wah wah.

    But I concur with the shopping in Wiesbaden. It's fantastic!

  4. This is my 3rd time living in Germany, second time living in Hessen, and I have STILL not been to Wiesbaden! It's definitely on the go-to list. we're just a little bit behind, apparently!

  5. aw, germany and europe just seem so magical! no big deal, just castles in the middle of the market place. adore!!!
    xo TJ

  6. Love that the pizza comes in a handy carrying case :)

  7. I love the nifty little box the pizza comes in. Looks so much easier to eat on the go! Love the pics around town... looks beautiful!

  8. Lucky to have stumbled on your blog. We are moving to Wiesbaden in April, and needed to see some non-"stock" photos!

  9. We were just in Wiesbaden this weekend and were so jealous of your base! We're stationed in Bavaria and would love to be so close to a big city instead of cow farms ;)

  10. The dulce chocolates look phenomenal. Mouth is watering! I am headed to wiesbaden in September. I made note of some of the spots you mentioned (hopefully they're still around from when you guys went a few years ago). Thanks for all the info (you guys should really be on this list - http://www.bavarianclockworks.com/blog/best-germany-travel-guides-from-experienced-travel-bloggers/)

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