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Nov 18, 2011

It's The Little Things

In the spirit of the holiday season, most notably Thanksgiving since it's literally right around the corner (where did the time go?!), I've decided it's the perfect time to link-up with Lindsay from Aisle to Aloha for her weekly 'little things' post!

Aisle to Aloha

What's 'the little things' post all about? Well, I'll let Lindsay explain...
"...Two verses convinced me that God has beautiful lives planned for each of us. Sometimes rough things happen to us and life is not guaranteed to be easy, but if we stop to think about it, our days are filled with small things that are big blessings..."

Couldn't have said it better myself! So, without further adieu, here is my list of 'little things' that have blessed my heart this past week!

Last Friday, I had the wonderful pleasure of FINALLY meeting a bloggy friend in real life! Happy dance! K from over at Uncorked and Unwined, one of my favorite daily reads, grabbed our hubby's and met up for dinner at a fabulous little Italian restaurant here in Germany! We ate some darn good pasta, drank a little vino, and talked and talked about everything under the sun! D and I even got to meet their new bundle of ADORABLE joy! She's absolutely scrumptious (and no, I don't eat babies, just like to nibble them.) K and her hubby are super wonderful and I feel so blessed that this blogging adventure has lead me to meet some incredible people that I hope to call lifelong friends someday. I can't wait to meet up with them again...soon! Wine and game night? I'm SOOO in!

Some of my most favorite times of the week are when D and I get to plop down on the couch together, indulge in some delicious meal with a glass of German wine, and catch up on our favorite shows stocked up in the DVR (have I mentioned how much I love the Slingbox? Cause I do, like a lot). It's in those moments that I forget we are 4,000 miles away from home and we escape into our own little comfortable world where things are familiar. I'd take 1,000 of those moments over a fabulous sight-seeing adventure...any day. They keep me grounded and remind me to slow down and take in every last drop of this amazing life we've been blessed with. Who knew wine and cheese could bring so much perspective?

In addition to how rejuvenating a little quiet time can be with your spouse, a little care package from Mom can totally lift your spirits and put a BIG smile on your face. Boy, is my Mom good at these or what?! Her little Thanksgiving care package included all of our favorite goodies from the states (that we can't seem to find here) including the best no-calorie sweetener ever made, yummy organic real fruit strips from Target, shampoo, chap-stick, Halloween candy, Pumpkin Pie Pop-Tarts (I don't normally eat Pop-Tarts, but holy calories are those GOOD!), our favorite devotional books, and of course, a little Michael Bublé to help sing us through the holiday season. The cuteness doesn't stop there...she even included a few Thanksgiving themed plates and napkins for D and I use for our own Thanksgiving meal next week. My Mom's a thoughtful genius and I love her to little, tiny pieces.

There was one stipulation to the opening of our care package...we had to Skype with Mom so she could see us open it! So, last night, after driving back from Bible study in Frankfurt, D and I couldn't wait any longer to see what goodies were inside...so we clicked that little blue button and called. Aside from all the awesome treats we got, it was so nice to just shoot the breeze with my parents. I call Mom every few days to check in on life, but Skyping is so much more fun! She was cracking us up with here usual Mom-isms (computer cables/cords are not called tubing, Mom...the nurse really comes out in her sometimes!) and they showed us the progress they've made with their kitchen remodeling project! My Dad is not only Mr. Fix-it, but is Mr. Do-It-Yourself...I love seeing his handy work! I'm also over the moon proud of him. He's recently lost 30 lbs! 30!! Since September! I'm amazed. He's looking so great and getting super healthy...and that makes this nutrition nut's heart happy! Another thing that makes me smile, seeing our sweet Tucker dog looking so happy and loved there with my family. Feels so good knowing the decision we made to leave him stateside is turning out to be the best thing for him! Thanks for being such great caretakers, Mom & Dad!

I also had a few entertaining phone dates with the little sister this week. She makes me laugh. Hard. Would you please just move out here with us already, Wendy Lou Hoo? 

I'm well aware that this really isn't a "blessing" per se, but I'm loving The Adventures of Rain Dance Maggie by the Red Hot Chili Peppers right now. It's staving away the depression that comes along with continuous crappy weather. It has been SUPER gloomy outside here lately and I swear I haven't seen the sun shine in at least 12 days...but this song pumps me up and makes me wanna dance. Like kick off your shoes and slide across the floor Risky Business style kind of dancing. For reals. It's worth a listen.

And lastly, this week, I've gotten in a lot of good "me" time. Truth be told, I'm home alone a lot here, but this week my alone time was super productive. I don't know what little fire got lit under my butt, but I've been finishing a few Pinterest craft projects, wrapping a crap-ton of Christmas presents (way ahead of Christmas schedule, I might add), doing some writing, cooking up a storm, and spending some time getting down to figuring out my purpose here. Little emails, articles, and devotions I've read are starting to plant seeds of thought and ambition I'd been fighting off because of fear and self-doubt. Now, I'm listing to God and his plans for me with open ears and an open heart for the first time in a long time. Something about a little prayer, rooster PJ's, and those chocolate KrispyJ's (courtesy of my loving Mother and Krispy Kreme Daddy) gives me comfort and reassurance that I'm doing just fine. I'm excited for what might be to come in 2012!

What 'little things' have blessed your heart this week? Link-up with Aisle to Aloha and share the wealth!


  1. Hi! I'm a new follower and just stumbled upon your blog! I just married my high school sweetheart, too... and we are about to get a mini dachshund! The care package looks ah-mazing, Moms sure do know best! And isn't RHCP the best?!

  2. awwww care packages are THE best thing ever, brings a little bit of 'home' right to your home! warms the heart, good for the soul!
    ...and i must find those pumpkin pop tarts!!!

  3. what a great blog link up! i might have to check that blog out. seems like everyone's got a slingbox. maybe we should jump on the bandwagon. what a thoughtful mama you have and hey, if you're ever in the stuttgart area, we should link up!

  4. Meeting bloggie friends in real life is so much fun! I hope you two enjoy a long friendship, which means so much especially so very far from home! We're only across the country from Home, but my grandmother sends us amazing care packages none the less since we can't be home.
    I hope you enjoy your holidays!

  5. " Little emails, articles, and devotions I've read are starting to plant seeds of thought and ambition I'd been fighting off because of fear and self-doubt." word.

  6. very cool you got to meet K. And I am jealous of your care package! I will give your Mom my address :)

  7. Aw, how sweet is that care package?! I sort of wish I lived out of the country so I could receive one, it sounds like it was a blast opening it. :)

    Stopping by from It's The Little Things linkup!

  8. Okay, you have to tell me how this Slingbox thing works in Germany! Are you DVRing American shows? Sounds amazing!


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