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Nov 28, 2011

Thanksgive{ME} some more mac & cheese, please!

Umm excuse me Father Time, but why are we speeding up life these days? I swear Thanksgiving flew in, coughed up some turkey, and peaced out just about as quick as it came. I felt like I just wrote my thankful post 20 minutes ago. Not 5 days ago. Holy mackerel. Such is the nature of the holidays, I guess! We had a super restful yet productive Thanksgiving weekend. D got off work early on Wednesday (heck yes!), so we got to savor an extra half day of peace and quiet with one another. Add that to my list of things I'm thankful for.

Thursday was spent cooking up a storm. No lie. The smells that were coming from my oven were simply heavenly. Not only did I cook for D and myself, but I also made a green bean casserole and some stuffing to send to D's troops who were stuck working on Thanksgiving. I know what it's like to have a hubby that's essential personnel AND on shift work during the holidays. Been there, hated that. So, I couldn't let those 4 troopers miss out on a yummy Thanksgiving...even if it was from florescent lighted cubicles. D dropped off the food and the boys were all super grateful, and needless to day, scarfed it all down. Totally blessed my heart. 

Here's a few snapshots taken of our meal prep:

Is there anything hotter than a man in the kitchen? I think not. Grate that cheese, baby!

Just call me Betty Crocker! My hair was rockin' that day. 'Twas a Thanksgiving miracle.

Finally, it was time for D and I to inhale our Thanksgiving bounty...and oh what a cheesy bounty it was! If you guys didn't already know, my hubby is an absolute sweetheart. He's pretty much as thoughtful as thoughtful gets. True story. While I was putting the finishing touches on our dessert...he took it upon himself to give our living room some romantic Thanksgiving ambiance. Yep, we ate our delicious Thanksgiving meal at our coffee table. We've got a perfectly good dining room complete with a fabulous table, but D and I wanted to watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade while eating (seriously, it's not like the President was coming to eat with us or anything). With the 6 hour time difference from the East Coast...the parade fell in perfect timing with our meal. I quite enjoyed eating in front of the boob tube. And to be honest, that's where we eat the majority of our meals anyway. Why should Thanksgiving be any different?

Before we dug in, I forced asked D to indulge me in a little Thanksgiving photo shoot in front of our glorious spread of food. He obliged, so we sat the camera timer and captured these gems. By the way, how cool is it that the Pumpkin Sekt was actually orange? Very cool, if you ask me.

And here is D going in for round 2. Oh, but wait! Is that a little white flag I see? Yeah, he didn't make it through plate 2 before he had to surrender to the full belly gods. It wouldn't be Thanksgiving if you didn't throw in a little gluttonous misery in the mix. I must admit, all of our dishes came out pretty darn well. I had to improvise with my mac & cheese a bit because our Commissary didn't have the proper cheese (of course). But it was still bangin', nevertheless. D was in charge of cooking the ham. I almost couldn't believe how tasty it turned out! This man has come a long way in his cooking abilities. A LONG way. I might have to start washing the dishes and let him do the cooking! 
Ha...fat chance.

As for the Salted Caramel Cheesecake Pie...it tasted just as good as it looked. Oh yes. Although, I think I could have done without the salt added to the caramel sauce...but D loved the saltiness. Frankly, I was just floored I made a caramel sauce from scratch for the first time ever. It was my crowning achievement for this Thanksgiving meal. 

After we ate our fill, we squeezed in a little Skype time with both of our families. We literally watched my family eat their Thanksgiving dinner. It was like we were there...didn't miss a beat. I got to hear my sweet little nephew tell me he wanted a cup, just a cup, for Christmas (can't believe he's talking now!) and we even participated in a little Just Dance 3 Wii action with my little sis and cousin. D was the winner. I know. Pick your jaw up off the floor. That boy's got moves you ain't never seen before (seriously, what movie is that from? I can totally hear it in my head).

Aren't Skype snapshots great?!

Friday, we did a whole lotta nuttin'. I still in a food coma and was kind of mourning the loss of standing in line at 6 am at Target (if you can hear me Target, I miss you!) with all the other crazy Black Friday patrons. D, on the other hand, decided to wake up at 2:30am and went to stand out in the freezing cold at the Power Zone (kind of like the military version of Best Buy) to see what kinds of deals he could scrounge up. I stayed in my warm, comfy bed. No amount of deeply discounted electronics could have dragged me out of there. If it had been Target, though, I might not have got my pants on (at all) before I'd run out the door to get there! So, like I said, we pretty much did nothing all day...until...we FINALLY went to see Breaking Dawn! Go ahead, hate all you want (cuz haters gonna hate)...but it was great. Not my favorite of the Twilight series, but still worth watching. I even had the most Twilight appropriate movie snack this side of the Atlantic. Seriously, German's? What kind of gummies do you not make?

After finally recovering from our Thanksgiving food coma's, Saturday and Sunday of our long weekend were spent out and about in Germany. We took a trip to Cologne on Saturday and got our yearly Griswold Family Christmas Tree on Sunday! That was an adventure in itself. Check back soon for those posts!

So, there you go. That was our first German Thanksgiving, in a nutshell! We did miss being home with our families, but we made due as always. Now, Team Coté is looking forward to all things CHRISTMAS! Decorating, traveling, and Christmas Markets galore! Stay tuned!


  1. Julia Roberts says "I've got moves you've never seen before" at the ballgame scene of My Best Friends wedding. As soon as I read that I could see the movie!

  2. @R
    OMG, I LOVE YOU! You're totally right! I love that movie...so naturally I'm always stealing lines from it, even if I don't remember that's where they came from! Awesome.

  3. Looks like you had a great time! Also love the robert frost quote on your header :)

  4. Great pictures! We were worried that our turkey wouldn't fit in our tiny German oven but it did :)

  5. I'm glad you had a great thanksgiving!

    PS - the title of this post cracked me up!!

  6. Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving! The pie looks delish, that is going on our Christmas menu I do believe!
    It is definitely tough being the first holiday overseas, that is for sure! But at least we got one down...only a couple handfuls more to go lol

  7. I love that you cooked for the troops who had to work on Thanksgiving! Such a sweetheart. Your food looks absolutely delicious...especially the cheesecake! yum.

  8. what an awesome thanksgiving! i love your plates, by the way. that cheesecake looks like it was to die for. i might need to get the recipe. i finally popped open our pumpkin wine on thanksgiving and loved it. i'm so mad i didn't buy more! skype is awesome and so was breaking dawn :)


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