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Nov 10, 2011

Ludwigsburg Kürbisausstellung {Pumpkin Festival}

I'm such a sucker for all things fall. I know I've mentioned before that the month of October is my most favorite month of the year and that my whole year would be perfect if it was made up purely of a succession of Octobers. It's true. I go nuts for this time of year...even November. In the early days of November, all of the leaves on the trees have peaked in color. The air is crisper even though the weather seems to get a bit dreary (as I sit typing this, it's foggy and rainy...but the trees are still beautiful!). And of course there is Thanksgiving. Not my most favorite holiday (merely because I LOTHE turkey and stuffing...hand me a ham and some mac & cheese please!), but it's purpose is not lost on me. I do love sharing a hearty meal and lots of thankfulness with my loved ones. So, November's alright in my book. But as November gives way to December, the chill turns to ice, and the leaves fall down effortlessly as if to surrender to the call of winter, we slowly loose grasp of the illustrious autumn I'm always so fond of. That meant D and I had one last chance to savor the colors and feelings of fall.

This past Saturday, we loaded up a few of our dearest friends here in Germany and took them to Ludwigsburg for the city's annual Kürbisasstellung or Pumpkin Festival! This festival was held in the garden on the grounds of a beautiful palace and is the largest pumpkin festival in Europe with over 450 different varieties of pumpkins! This place was BA-NANAS! They even had a theme to the festival...Dinosaurs! You'll see what I mean in a minute.

Ah, here we are...Ludwigsburg Palace. It's one of Europe's more impressive and extensive Baroque complexes and once served as a residence for the Dukes and Kings of Württemberg. It was just a short walk behind this grand estate to where the pumpkin festival was being held within it's stunning gardens.

Now, it's time to bring on the PUMPKINS! And holy crap did they bring them. This festival boasted a whopping 450,000 pumpkins on site. That's a whole lotta pumpkin pie. Pictured below is just one of the 4 walls they had showcasing every kind of pumpkin ever imagined and what country it was from. There were a lot of pumpkins from the good 'ol US of A. And did you know there are naturally gray and black pumpkins? I sure as heck didn't. Keep a lookout for them in my photos!

It was like Fall literally threw up all over everything. I was in pumpkin HEAVEN! Oh and what up gray pumpkins?!

As if all the pumpkins weren't cute enough themselves, the festival was dotted with little animals made out of pumpkins of all shapes, colors, and sizes! I tell ya, Germans are super clever when it comes to making something out of nothing. 

Check it out! Pumpkin Dinosaurs!! My little nephew, Logan, would have LOVED them! They were huge and the T-Rex even made 'Rawrrr' sounds! Freakin' genius.

And then...ohhh and then we made our way to the food tent. Holy pumpkins in my mouth was the food DELICIOUS! It was absolutely my favorite part of the festival (of course it was). We chowed down on...get this...pumpkin spaghetti! Oh yeahhhhh. AND a dish called Kürbismaultasche mit Suppe...which is kind of like a pumpkin and meat lasagna submerged in a bowl of pumpkin soup. It was sprinkled with roasted pumpkin seeds and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar...TO DIE FOR! I seriously haven't eaten anything in Germany that I didn't like. I don't know if that means I'm easy to please or the food here is just that good. I'm thinking it's the latter. It's that stinkin' good!

The foodgasm deliciousness didn't end there...oh no...they also had pumpkin Sekt (German champagne). It was bubbly pumpkin goodness. So good, I bought a bottle to take home. Is it weird that instead of buying souvenirs in the form of postcards and trinkets of our travels we end up buying alcohol to commemorate our visit? No? Ok good. I've got enough knick-knacks anyway.

Roasted sugar & spice pumpkin seeds anyone? Mmm...drool.

There were so many beautiful places to take photos and we took every opportunity we could to snap some lasting memories. There we are, above, with our pumpkin baby. 

Then we spotted this hidden gem near the back of the festival gardens. This, my friends, is a mini replica of Rapunzel's Castle.

Now, this castle isn't the real Rapunzel's castle where the beautiful princess let down her golden hair for her prince every day, but it is a mock up of Trendelburg Castle which is located in Northern Germany. It was such a nice surprise to find a little fairy tale within our pumpkin festival. And of course, we had to explore it. The tower had a sign that read, "Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair!" And if you stood there, below the tower walls, and spoke those words...Rapunzel would slowly let her hair down! She even had a pretty pink bow in it...so cute!

Sadly, it was time to leave our pumpkin wonderland and make the 2 hour drive back home. It was such a beautiful day that I didn't want it to end. D and I have already made a promise to come back next year. I can't wait to see what those crazy German's come up with next! I vote Pumpkin Olympics! You know, a little pumpkin bowling...a pumpkin shot-put...maybe even a pumpkin maze! Seriously, stranger things have happened. 

Ahhh, what a lovely way to close out the fall and the most beautiful time of the year. Now, I'm ready for snow. Bring it on, Old Man Winter. Bring. It. On!


  1. Some great photos, I didn't see the little sculptures when we went but I wish I had they are super cute. Mind you it was mega-packed that day. I don't think it weird that you brought home wine, but that could be because I did too :D Oh now I'm a little sad I already drunk it lol

  2. I am so jealous of this amazing pumpkin experience! I wish I'd known about it, I TOTALLY would have gone!

  3. Oh this has made me absolutely miss fall time and pumpkins! Awesome pictures by the way, they look superb!!

  4. i'm so glad you guys made your way to ludwigsburg. we really enjoyed it too! we bought a bottle of the pumpkin wine, but haven't opened it yet. we may have to do it this weekend!!! your photos are fantastic.

  5. Wow. Seriously, your pumpkin festival kicked our pumpkin festival's butt BIG time. I hope you don't mind going back to that one next year, because I really, really, really want to check it out!

  6. @Morgenmuffel I guess I'm glad we waited until the last weekend of the festival! It wasn't crowded at all while we were there. Planning on drinking our bottle very soon! Souvenirs never last very long in our home either. Hehe. That stuff is SO darn good!

  7. @Jessica Lynn No worries, we DEFINITELY want to go back. It was awesome! Next October/November? I'll pencil you in. :)

  8. @Daryl Stick with me honey...I know all the cool places to hang! Ok, not really. I just stumbled across this place. But next time I see something cool, I'll pass it along! :)

  9. Thanks so much for signing up for my ornament swap and becoming a follower of my blog! Your and your husband are totally adorable, and I have to say - I had NO idea how gorgeous Germany is in the fall! Fall is my favorite, too!

  10. very cool! too bad we didn't go the same day :) your pictures are better than mine for sure, glad you enjoyed it.

  11. I agree with Jessica! Your zucca fest kick ours ass! I can't believe all of the different types of pumpkins!


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