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Jul 26, 2011

Wedding Week: Showered with Love!

Having bridal showers, couples showers, stock the kitchen parties, and the like, are some of the funnest (yes, I said funnest) parts of getting hitched! All of your closest family and friends shower you and your future spouse with gifts given straight from the heart in order to prepare your home for your new "living arrangement." So fun! One of the sweetest women I know told me this: "Bridal showers make my heart smile! They're wonderful because it allows the people in your lives who've watched your love grow and blossom through the years the chance to give their blessing and to participate in one of the most memorable parts of your life. They're special, and every couple should have one!" 
Amen, sista!

 D and I were lucky enough to have two showers thrown for us during our engagement! The lovely women and congregation of our home church threw the first one, a couples shower, and my sister and Aunt threw the second, a sweet bridal shower with all of my friends and family. Here are some photos from both!

 The lovely ladies at our church knew how much D and I loved the beach, so they added a Hawaiian theme to our couples shower!

Oh the dryer sheets. D's most favorite household necessity. This boys loves to smell good and I am constantly battling him about how many he uses in the dryer. You don't need 3 for 1 load of towels. You just don't! I think he was more thrilled about those than all the other gifts! We should take stock out in Bounce. Seriously.

These are the kinds of gifts you get super thrilled about! Can't you tell I did!?! David doesn't look amused.

Yes, I was one of the few brides in the world that still registered for fine china. I'm sorry, but I don't know why more brides don't? Call me old fashioned, but I'm all for serving up a home cooked Thanksgiving dinner on the "fancy plates," as D likes to call them. It's like a right of passage to me. Get married, get china! I grew up adoring the beautiful plates tucked away in my Mother's china cabinet! I'm sad this tradition is starting to die out. I love my Lenox Opal Innocence!

My family

D's family...and my new family...minus D's Dad. :)

On to shower #2!

Do you think D has worn his apron since? Fat chance. I, on the other hand, have worn it countless times baking goodies for D and his coworkers. It's almost time to retire that one and invest in a new one...believe me!

In addition to our lovely showers, D and I were busy with all the other wedding preparations!
Stuffing envelopes with our invites!!

Yeah, he wanted to do the marrying part...but nothing to help us get there. Typical. :)

And just because this picture makes me laugh so much...
Here is my beautiful sister at the wedding hair trial run. I liked this look...too bad we decided to go another way! (Sorry Wendy, I had to. You know I love you!)

Up next, the Bachelorette Party post! It's too risque for the day...so look out for it tonight! ;)

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