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Jul 8, 2011

A Day in Frankfurt

Over the 4th of July weekend, D and I totally dropped the ball on all things "American" for this holiday. We didn't attend the on post fireworks and face painting festivities merely because they were very geared towards children. D and I are as children-less as they come...so we passed. Instead, we took the opportunity to use this long weekend to do some more sight-seeing and touristy things! Sponsor 2 was nice enough to take us on a tour of Frankfurt! The city is often called "Bankfurt" because it's the prime location for all things financial. The skyline is dotted with skyscrapers housing Deutsche Bank, European Central Bank, and DZ Bank...among many others. Sponsor 2 also informed us that Frankfurt is often thought of as the Wallstreet of Germany. Even though it was Saturday, there were lots of men walking around in business suits with briefcases getting business done. This city never sleeps!

Here are some photo highlights of our day!

Our first time riding Germany's train system!

See, not so scary! :)

 Inside the Galleria...it's like big mall, only cooler!

Walking down "Ritzy Row"...or at least that's what I like to call it. Chanel, Louis, Tiffany, and Jimmy were allll there!

The Old Opera House

Big banks...walking down through the financial district.

We enjoyed a PHENOMENAL family style Chinese lunch at Jade Restaurant. D tried tofu for the first time...and liked it!

View from the top of the MainTower (200 meters)...one of the tallest buildings in Germany.

The boys admiring the scenery.

Main River

View of Romer Square...we visited there later.

Chocolate Gelato

Romer Square

Dom St. Bartholomaus

Smoochin' in the Dom

Walking over the Iron Bridge (Eiserner Stag) to Sachsenhausen

So the tradition goes, if you are a couple in love, you should come to the iron bridge with a lock engraved with your names. You must attach the lock to the bridge then throw the key into the river below, ensuring you'll be together forever! So sweet!

There were hundreds of locks all along the bridge. We even saw a newly married couple in their wedding attire attaching a lock to the bridge!

A view of the Frankfurt skyscrapers from Sachsenhausen

Another walk back through the old town city center. I am in LOVE with the architecture here!

D enjoying another German beer! He's in love!

We stopped for drinks at Cafe Bar Celona and saw this driving down the street! A Bier Bike! You drink and ride around the city! GENIUS!

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