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Jul 27, 2011

Wedding Week: Last Fling Before The Ring!

 I know I was supposed to post about this last night, but D came home a little down and super frustrated with work last night, so I had to be a good wife and tend to his jilted spirit. Life comes first, so that's where I was! Now on to the Bachelorette fun!

I have such an amazing group of girlfriends. Being here in Germany reminds me of that fact each and every day. I miss them so much! I wish I could pack them all up in boxes and mail them here! These girls helped to make my last fling before the ring a night to remember. All I will say is that before the night was over, we had all tested our phallic drawing abilities, a certain groom's bachelor party crashed our bachelorette fun, and 2 (yes TWO!) people lost their underpants in all the party chaos. It was definitely a night to remember...or at least we tried to remember. Eh, thank goodness for cameras!

Getting crowned and sashed before heading out to dinner.

Pin the macho on the man...a MUST at Bachelorette parties!

Hello gorgeous!! My fabulous roomie made me this busty bosom cake! How cool is that!

Wiener cookies anyone? My wieners even had bow ties. Super clever.

 All of my beautiful, sassy ladies!!!

A mini lingerie shower!

Checkin out all my naughty goodies!

Leopard handcuffs?

I don't remember doing this. At all. 

Time to pin the macho on the man!! 

She completely missed the target. Completely. And it was HILARIOUS!

The finished product. I have to say, my favorite is the zebra print shoulder sash. LOL

Uh oh! Look what the cat dragged in! The boys just couldn't stay away! This happy fella was one of D's best men (along with his father).

D being super inappropriate...but kind of hilarious.

The boys decided to show off their talents in order to win Bachelorette badges. Let's just say, by the end of the night, I had been handed a pair of recently worn underwear, groped by a member of the bridal party, and was the recipient of 3 different versions of a lap dance. Priceless.

Here are a few of the "talents." This is all I'll share because the talents all go downhill after this. Boys have no shame.

All in all, it was a fabulous night! Bachelorette parties are always the best parties!

Later...finally, it's wedding day!

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