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Jul 19, 2011

Memory Card Clean Out!

Today I took it upon myself to clean out the memory card on my camera to prepare for our upcoming visit to Heidelberg this weekend (yay!). In doing so, I found some pictures I've failed to share with you. And these are good ones...they're of food! Well, some of them. Others are from our brief walk in downtown Wiesbaden last Monday. I say brief because we were high tailing it to a restaurant for dinner with some friends. MUST not be late for pasta, sweet wine, and good conversation! 

Enjoy the snapshots!

Dinner at the Brauhaus Castle Biergarten in Mainz.
Schnitzel? Ehhh, wrong! It's Chicken Cordon Bleu and holy crappola was it good!

D had the Schnitzel with chanterelle mushroom sauce. He was being a meany and wouldn't take a picture of his food for me. The nerve! ;)

This next set of pictures is from our walk and dinner in downtown Wiesbaden.
This is the Opera House in the daytime. It faces out to a beautiful park.

Said park.

Sage butter gnocchi with arugula and ricotta salata at Ristorante Comeback...the same restaurant I talked about in this post.

D's Rigatoni and Eggplant Pasta...so good!

The server dishing up Sponsor 2's Sea Bass dinner. The fish came out whole and the waiter dismantled it for consumption. This is the first time I've ever seen this done in a restaurant. Fancy, fancy!

The sea bass with fresh summer veggies and potato cakes.

I LOVE all the al fresco dining!

Italian Alley in full swing for the evening. Ps- this was a Monday!

We all decided to partake in after dinner drinks at the bar next door. I drank my first Apfelwein there. It was pretty good. Kind of like a hard cider, but make sure you get the sweet one, otherwise it can taste like extremely tart apples. 

Dollars/Euors on the ceiling! I thought we only did silly things like this in America!

The bar owner came out and demonstrated how he got all of the bills up there with my very own $1 bill. It's an amazing process, really. I couldn't describe it even if I wanted to. We're all still stumped!

Scotch 'N Soda...cute name.

On the walk back to the car I got a few more photos. This is the Kurhaus. It houses magnificent ballrooms for galas and conventions as well as a casino! This is where D's squadron has their Christmas parties each year! WHOO HOO!

Here is the Opera house again...at night. So pretty!

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  1. All that food looks SOOOOO good!

    Your comment didn't come to my email for some reason...do you have that set up??

    Anyway, for games for the bachelorette party we put all kinds of questions written on little pieces of paper inside of balloons and blew them up and hung them from the ceiling (served as decorations too!) Then throughout the night the bride had to pop the balloons (without using her hands) and asnwer the questions inside. Some were kind of nasty and some were sweet too.


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