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Mar 27, 2011

Missing Already...

As the hubby and I were going through our yard sale piles and pricing things, we started to think about how different our lives are going to be a little over 2 months from now. Instead of this conversation turning into a mental breakdown (as it has in the past), it took a turn into melancholy-ville. We starting spouting off the list of American things we seem to take for granted  we're going to miss the most. This is what we've come up with so far:

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Oh my good Lord I can feel the tears coming now! This was at the top of both mine and the hubby's list. We eat Chick-Fil-A often, probably too often. We should have our own parking space here...and at our next luxury...
Google images

I can spend HOURS in this store just looking. But who am I kidding, I never "just look". I end up dropping half of my paycheck at this shopping mecca every month. I'm hoping shopping Target.com will satisfy me, although it's highly unlikely.

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Ok, now I admit, maybe this one shouldn't be considered an American luxury...but I can't count how many times this Southern staple came to our breakfast rescue after a night out of dancing and drinking with friends. That Cajun fillet biscuit, Cajun fries, and tall glass of sweet tea could slap any hungover college kid back to life in no time!

On the positive side of things, I have found a bit of silver lining that seems to cancel these 3 indulgences out. Or at least makes coping with their loss alot easier. Germany, and Europe in general, has LOTS of these:

Google images

Eeeek!! Having one of these puppies within an hours driving distance is going to be lovely, just lovely! I'm a sucker for Swedish home furnishings.

Now, I don't want to be misunderstood. We are totally psyched about moving to Germany. We are well aware that there are going to be TONS of new and awesome things for us to explore and we will have the opportunity to travel to places we've only seen in history books. But it doesn't mean we won't miss bits and pieces about the country we've always called home. It's only natural, right? Our list of American loves was much longer than what I've listed so far. I'll probably post more later as time to leave draws closer. For now, I'm off to love on my sweet weiner doggie.

He's another thing I'll miss...more than words can say.
Story to come.


  1. Your gonna miss American sized washer and dryers too! lol. We don't have a chick-fil-a up here, so I miss that all the time. That sounds SO good right now too. That and a Jack in the box. yummy! Your not gonna be taking your doggy? :(

  2. We don't have Chick-fil-A around here, but it must be good because I hear about it all the time!

    I would miss Target too :( I'm sure there will be lots of fun new things for you to explore and then you will end up missing those when you move back to the USA!

  3. Target is my one true love and I miss it so much! Online shopping is definitely not the same.

    In response to your question: We stored all of our 110V appliances back home and bought used ones once we arrived here on ramsteinyardsales.com. I wouldnt bring any appliance that you use daily or often. The transformers use a lot of energy, so it's just too expensive to run them constantly.

    Germany is not known for their sushi or Mexican food, so try and get your fill before you get here. I miss good sushi especially because I cant make that at home.

    Feel free to email me at kendra143j@yahoo.com if you have any more questions!


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