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Mar 10, 2011

Babe, what does GERM mean?

Hurry up and wait. That should be the military wide motto. It's like I can hear them saying, "We're going to need you to do this, this, and this...but you'll have to wait an exuberent amount of time for us to hold up our end of the job and get you the info you so desprately need to run your life accordingly." Yep, that about says it all. It comes with the life we chose, so I shouldn't be surprised, right? But when you are waiting to hear news regarding where you'll spend the next 3 years of your life, all the waiting can make you go crazy! Or at least that's what it was doing to me. D and I knew that we were going to be PCSing this summer because we had popped up on the summer VML (Vulnerability to Move List). That meant sometime the end of February/early March we'd be finding out our next duty station. Sounded good to me! I had a time frame to work with so the waiting seemed tolerable. Sadly, the end of February came and went, but that wasn't the worst part. A few of D's buddies had already gotten their assignments! This is where my mind started running away with itself. Why hadn't we gotten ours yet? I tried to rationalize the whole process by thinking they must be notifying the servicemebers in some kind of descending alphabetical order and we just needed to wait another day or so for an email. Fat chance. That day or so turned into another week and a half. Talk about wanting to rip my hair out! And poor D, he had to endure tons of badgering phone calls and emails from me wondering if he'd heard anything new. Patience and worry is something I've struggled with all my life, so I knew this was God's way of teaching me to have faith in His timing and not my own. So we continued to pray...and wait.

Finally, we got the answer we'd been waiting (praying!) for. On Monday, D had a long and horribly busy day at work and never acutally got around to answering my daily "Good Morning, have you heard anything yet?" email. Like clockwork, D walked in the door at 4pm, threw his keys on the table and began to rant about his crappy day. I was sitting on the couch in another room, so I couldn't see D at all while he was talking. He came walking into the livingroom and as I looked up, I noticed a piece of paper in his hand. There he stood with a worryful look on his face and a paper in his hand. Uh oh, I thought. That's THE email. The email we'd been waiting for. This is how the next 30 seconds went:

Me: Is that what I think it is?
D: Yep. You want to take a look for yourself?

At this point, I started to get a lump in my throat and a pain in my stomach. The look on his face was reminiscent of the day he came home and told me he was deploying for 6 months. I knew that face and feeling all too well. He was about to blow me away again. Bracing myself, I took the paper, but try as I might, I couldn't read a word on it. It was like I was trying to look through a swimming pool. No, I wasn't crying (yet)...but every word on that page looked like a jumbled mess! What the heck was wrong with me! My head (and heart) were racing. All I could say was...

Me: I can't read it! Tell me what I'm looking for! It's like I've gone blind!
D: Calm down...it's in the top, right hand corner.
Me: Ok, ok, ok, ok.....blah blah blah...GERM? Babe, what the heck does GERM mean? Does GERM mean Germany??? Are we moving to GERMANY?!?!?!?!
D: Yep!

Cue tears, smiles, clapping, and squealing. I couldn't believe it! The wait was over and we are moving to Germany...in 3 short months!! And then came the shock. We're moving to Germany in 3 short months! Holy cow. We've got SO much to do and no idea where to start! All I do know for sure is that we are blessed. Blessed beyond belief. I still can't wrap my head around it all, but we are super excited! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and we are so grateful the Air Force deemed us worthy of the adventure. My lesson in patience came with a wonderful reward at the end. God never ceases to amaze me. His timing and plan is always better than what we could ever imagine for ourselves. I don't know why I worry so much that it won't be. He always provides and I am left in awe. So here we go! Here begins all the prayer and preparations. Come join us for the wild, European ride! Team Cote is moving to GERMANY!!!!


  1. Casey, first let me say I love "the road less traveled"! Second, I have several members of my family who have or are serving in the military so I can relate to what you are saying. My cousin and her husband are also in the Navy... they just moved from Hawaii to San Diego (personally makes me wonder why I didn't go in the military)! Oh yeah...it was that whole boot camp thing....I can't imagine the range of emotions are you and David are both experiencing now.... but you are in for a great adventure! Most people spend their entire lives in the United States... you get to experience life abroad! You have a lot of spunk and I know you will be fine! Tell David hello and that I am honored that he is serving our country! Should I take a truckload of Kleenex to your mom???? Love you girl. Kathy

  2. I'm so jealous! My almost hubby and I would both LOVE to live in Europe. Fingers crossed! Good luck to you both! :)

  3. You had THREE months notice? Goodness gracious!

  4. Just got to this post from your 3 year anniversary post, and wow! I love it! Definitely going to be having a look at the rest of the earlier days, but something about this one in particular strikes a chord with me. The excitement of finally knowing you're moving to somewhere foreign and exotic and new is such a rush, and I love how it's expressed so honestly in this post.

    P.S. My uncle is in the Navy and he and his family are waiting for their next assignment, which we all believe will be Germany! Definitely will be going to visit them if they go!

    Melanie xx
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