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Mar 29, 2011

Construction Criticism

**I apologize in advance if this post seems erratic and just plain hard to read. I'm writing exactly how I'm feeling right now and I've pretty much turned my filter off.**

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I love living on base. I really do. It provides such a sense of security (especially when the hubby is gone) and it's close to everything I use on a regular basis (gas station, commissary/BX, gym, running trails, car wash, library, etc.). But lately, I've developed a short fuse for base living. Why, you ask? Construction. There are TONS of construction sites all hammering and drilling away on base. At least 4 of these sites I speak of are within steps of my home. Two, in particular, are right outside my back door and they are driving me CRAZY!

I wake up to bulldozers and yelling men in hardhats every morning. I wish I could say that this is something that has just recently started up. Construction on base housing has been going on since this past June. Almost a year of it. Construction/remodeling is what kicked me out of our old home just 7 HOUSES DOWN THE STREET from our current home in the beginning of my husbands first deployment last August. Granted, the AF moved all of our things (since we were being forced out by the renovations squad) and they upgraded us to a fabulously remodeled and much larger home than we had previously. Thanks. But can you imagine the headache I endured because I did it all alone? It was miserable. Weeks before we moved out of that house into our current home, construction workers were swarming around our home renovating the homes beside us. It was an uneasy feeling having all those men just steps outside my door, day in and day out, for at least 2 months. Then, finally, they moved us into the fabulous newly remodeled home down the street. I started to get settled and began loving the new place when I get a knock at the door. It was the housing office again. They wanted to ask me if it would be alright if they could use my water hook-up on the side of my house because they were going to start renovating the house beside mine and the workers would need the water for the concrete pouring. WHAT! MORE CONSTRUCTION?! Right next door. Again. I almost died. The next day, construction workers everywhere. More hardhats, bulldozers, and they brought music. A nice little boom box to keep themselves entertained. I was fuming. I called the housing office and made a stink about it...yes I did...and they politely silenced the boom box. At this point, I'm just thankful for small victories.

I only wish this is what was outside my door this morning.
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Now, the past few weeks, the construction had seemed to be dwindling. Mind you, they've been out there working away since September. SEPTEMBER. Just making sure you saw that. I had started to think that there was going to be an end in sight (right before we have to move again...how fitting!). Two weeks ago I wake up to the sound of an enormous KABOOM! Looking outside, I found that I had just acquired a few new lawn ornaments. A large cement sewer pipe and piles of concrete blocks. Awesome. That afternoon I got a letter on my door.

"Dear resident,
Blah blah blah...more construction to your back alleyway...blah blah blah...need to move your things out of your garage because we are going to renovate that now too...blah blah blah...should only take 5-6 weeks...blah blah blah...oh and we are digging up part of the alleyway so, can you park on the street now?...we appreciate your patience once again.
Big Stupid Contractor Man"

GRRRRR!!!! I am pretty sure I have some kind of construction hex on me and now all it does is follow me where ever I go. Today, I woke up to an entire back alleyway roped off with netting, a cherry picker, and lots of hardhat clad men standing around shooting the breeze. So it begins again. I just want to cry. I hate having my home surrounded with strange people. I hate being woken up at 7am every weekday when I could be sleeping in. I hate having to park on the street when I have a perfectly good parking spot behind my house that is currently being vacated by a bulldozer. I hate that Tucker, our adorable weiner dog, can't stop barking because of all the loud noises and refuses to do his "business" in the back yard because he's afraid of the construction workers. I hate how they let themselves in our backyard this morning to see if they could use my electricity hook-up and then left the gate WIDE OPEN...and when I let Tuck out to pee he ran out the gate and I had to chase him, in my Pj's around the construction maze until I finally caught him (no thanks to any of 7 men standing around doing nothing!!). And, I really hate there is nothing I can do about any of it.

(They break for lunch everyday at noon and I have a half a mind to go out there and drive that bulldozer into one of the airplane hangers so that when they come back from their hour long greasy cheeseburger lunches they won't be able to find it and they'll get in trouble and they'll have to take their burger wrappers and take out cups elsewhere!! Man, I wish I had some gumption!!)

All kidding aside, I am thankful that in two months we will be gone. Two months and a whole new adventure begins. I'm hoping it will be the breath of fresh air I so desperately need it to be.

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