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Sep 14, 2015

High Above Kotor, Montenegro

Annnd I'm back to the Adriatic Cruise recaps! When I last left you, I wrote about our foggy sail into Kotor Bay through the beautiful Montenegrin fjords. If that wasn't already stunning enough, we still had a full day of touring Old Town Kotor and a quick jaunt up Mt. Lovćen to get a bird's eye view of Kotor Bay. I say a quick jaunt, but really it was an all morning adventure driving 17 kilometers of mountain-hugging roads with 25 hairpin switchbacks, each one revealing a vista more gorgeous than the next. If you are prone to any ounce of car sickness, this is a dare-devil drive you'd absolutely want to skip. But the reward at the top? Almost worth a whole month's worth of stomach aches. 

THOSE. COLORS. Like a picture-perfect painting of a destination most people hardly blink an eye at. Montenegro is an up and comer in tourism, so take note, travelers! This seemingly untouched city won't be crowd-less for long! At the top of the mountain pass, the views stretched right over Kotor Bay and far out into the sparkling blue Adriatic beyond. Nothing but lush, green mountains, tiny villages, and ocean from every vantage point (and maybe a fancy cruise ship--so thankful we were the only ship in the bay that day!). We stopped for photos (of course), then made our way to our final mountain top destination of Njeguši, a village nestled snugly within Lovćen National Park. More from Montenegro to come!


  1. Wow! Those views are amazing! I'd heard of Montenegro but I had no idea it was this gorgeous!

  2. I have heard amazing things about this place. So pretty!

  3. Beautful pictures! Nice to see! We left Montenegro today after spending a week there. Especially Bay of Kotor was real nice!

  4. I absolutely love Montenegro, it is definitely an extremely up and coming country to visit! Especially here in Scandinavia :)

  5. Wow Montenegro looks beautiful! Definitely a place I wouldn't of thought of to go to, but it looks really interesting.


  6. Your photos are incredible! This brings back amazing memories of our day trip to Kotor, it's such a wonderful and stunning place!


  7. Looks like a lovely time! The Balkans are definitely on my travel list when we're living back in Europe! :)


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