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Jul 20, 2015

A Foggy Sail Through the Fjords of Montenegro

Back to the Adriatic Cruise recaps! I swear one day I'll be done writing about this trip. The little gaggle of photos I'm sharing today are from our early morning sail into the port in Kotor, Montenegro. Up to this point, we'd sailed out of Venice, visited Slovenia, and stopped to explore two ports in Croatia (Split & Dubrovnik). We'd seen some pretty incredible views from all sorts of locations...the top deck of our cruise ship, from lakeside trails and tender boats, from city walls and sea cliffs...how much more fabulous could the views get?! Enter the fjords of Kotor Bay. All of the heart eyes!

All week long we'd heard that we should not miss the sail into Kotor Bay, that it's one of the highlights of the whole cruise. Of course we were chomping at the bit to get to Montengero to see what all the fuss was about. Wrapped snugly in our bathrobes, we excitedly flung back the curtains to our balcony stateroom at the butt-crack of dawn and watched as magic unfolded before us. Mountains, sunshine, and a thick blanket of fog hovering just above the water greeted us as we floated through the narrow fjords. It was truly enchanting. We ordered room service that morning because I just couldn't peel myself away from our balcony and those ethereal views. As we continued sailing, the sun began to burn off the fog, uncovering the sea and low-lying villages along the water's edge. 

Around every bend, more fog and more tiny villages popping up like roses. It's like the whole fjord was asleep under a fluffy white blanket until we sailed passed, parting the fog. A total dream! As we got closer to the port, the mountains got higher and the villages bigger. The sea was like a sheet of blue glass underneath us. I'd never seen anything quite like it. Needless to say, the welcome to Kotor was warm and enchanting, so we knew we were in for a treat during our first visit to Montenegro. More loveliness to come!


  1. My friends are on a cruise that is going through Montenegro right now! It seems amazing! So jealous!

  2. Oh my what a lovely place thanks for this I enjoyed reading this post about places I will never visit

  3. Montenegro is definitely on my list! These pictures are lovely!!!

  4. Wow. That is unreal! I don't know much about Montenegro so I"m excited to read more.

  5. Great post! Always wanted to go to Montenegro - that mist looks magical!


    Bambi Jane

  6. It definitely wasn't the one to miss :) Great pictures!!! I'm in love with photography :)

    I invite you to check out my trip to TOKYO :)


  7. Did you take a private tour in Montenegro? We are visiting on a cruise later this year and I'm just now starting to look at private tours!


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