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Jul 8, 2015

Day Tripping: Limburg an der Lahn, Germany

I felt very nostalgic editing all these photos and thinking up what I wanted to write out in this post. This was our very last day trip in Germany before heading back stateside for good. D and I had driven past Limburg an der Lahn about 4 dozen times on trips to Cologne and onward to Belgium (and beyond). It was the village we could see from the Autobahn...the one with the beautiful church that commanded a low-lying valley and the half-timbered town below it. We talked about visiting it every single time we drove past, so it seemed quite fitting to have it be the last town we wandered around just 24 hours before departing Germany. A few close friends joined us for exploring, making it even more special to us both. 

We did a lot of the usual...snapping photos, shopping for gummie bears (I bought 50 euro worth to bring back home--worth it!), and commenting on the colorful quaintness these towns are always so good at showcasing. I also did a lot of stopping and "taking it all in" that day. A lot of letting the current moment sink in and reveling in the 3 years of German perfection we were about to let go of. I appreciated the flower boxes a little more. The Riesling at lunch tasted a bit sweeter. The cobblestone streets under my feet became a bit more charming. I let Limburg bear hug me until the second we hopped back in the car to head back to Wiesbaden (for the last time). There was nothing particularly unique about this town when comparing it to all we'd seen around Germany, but it was the last of the lasts, so it rests comfortably in my mind as bittersweet memory of just how idyllic Germany was all the time.

It's safe to say there will always be a Germany-shaped hole in my heart filled will beautiful places like Limburg. To those of you new to your adventure in Deutschland, be sure to add Limburg to your undoubtedly long list of day trips. No better day tripping material. And be sure to bear hug it right back for me. ;)

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  1. I know how hard it is to leave Germany. I'm going to write this town down. So that way I can see it. I always enjoy a good day trip.


  2. such a beautiful place! the food looks SO good!

  3. That fountain is ridiculous and I love it.

  4. Limburg is a wonderful bear-hugging town... when my parents came to visit it was the last city we visited with my dad before he flew back the next day. It's beautiful but not overwhelming, which I like.

  5. I just absolutely love your pictures of all the small German towns. They are incredibly beautiful and quaint. I traveled to Munich when I was 19 for a week with my family for vacation (through my Dad's company). We did some day trips in the area, and I totally credit Germany with me really wanting to travel abroad. It's what made me prioritize studying abroad for a summer in college. I just wish I had the time and money to go everywhere! (Don't we all!) Thanks, per usual, for sharing and taking such great pictures while abroad!

  6. I love the architecture it dosen't look real! Not sure about broccoli on pizza though


  7. There's a "Swiss Village" in Brazil that looks just like this place... it's randomly in the mountains of Brazil. So funny! I posted pictures over a year ago here: http://www.alonewithmytea.com/2014/02/swiss-village-in-campos-do-jordao-brazil.html

  8. Very beautiful images
    I never was in Limburg. I know it only from the news 😄
    Have you ever been in Hamburg?? You have to!!
    I love your blog.




  9. I'm so happy to see people appreciate Limburg. My boyfriend lives there and I LOVE visiting him and where he grew up. I miss it there so much. Just a week and a half left and then I'll be there!!!!!!

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