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Sep 28, 2015

Old Town Kotor, Montenegro

After our morning spent on top of Mount Lovcen in the village of Njegusi, we decided it was time to explore a bit of Kotor Bay up close...more notably, Old Town Kotor. I often remember our Adriatic cruise as the cruise full of beautiful walled cities. We spent time in Split, Croatia as well as Dubrovnik (very famous for its ramparts)...later on in our sailing we visited Malta's walled capital Mdina. Much to our surprise as we were arriving to Montenegro, Kotor was also a walled city! There's just something about a city surrounded by stone walls...the history, the weathered architecture, the whimsical Old World characteristics you often find hidden around every narrow alleyway. You almost never leave a city like this feeling anything but enchanted. 

Old Town Kotor revealed wonders similar to those we found in Dubrovnik; white-washed stone streets surrounded by mountains and sea, fresh clothes swaying in the wind, a smattering of gelato shops and al fresco restaurants (hello, fresh seafood!)...everything that makes a walled city a traveler's dream. Likely why it's alluring new visitors by the thousands each year.

What did we do with our time in Old Town? Well, I imagine the same as most...we walked part of the wall (you can go all the way up to Our Lady of Health church and take in more awesome views, but since we already saw a bird's-eye view at lunch, we only walked a fraction of the walls), ate fresh salmon steaks and sipped Montenegrin wine on the square, and wandered a few of the open-air markets scattered about the city center. All in an afternoon's work exploring on the Adriatic. ;)

It was safe to say we were pleasantly surprised with our day in Montenegro. Lots of sunshine, beautiful scenery, and even though we only experienced 9 hours in the area, we felt like we got a good feel for what life is like here. Living history is this best kind of history, wouldn't you agree? Add this one to your bucket list, friends. 

...Scenes from our day in Corfu, Greece to come!...


  1. you travel to so many fabulous places


  2. Oh, we loved Kotor! We visited the town earlier this month:

  3. I keep seeing Montenegro popping up on blogs lately; and it looks so pretty, I had no idea! It's funny how bloggers can really help you widen your horizons and discover the world. Thank you for sharing xx

  4. Love the photo of the orange tree! Montenegro looks gorgeous. It's on my travel bucket list. Did you find it easy to communicate with people there?

    1. Thank you, Halee! We never really had any issues communicating there. Most people we talked with spoke English (or at least broken English)...we're also pretty good at reading gestures, so no trouble at all! It's really a lovely area of the world to visit. :)

  5. My parents recently went on a Med cruise with a stop in Kotor and said they were surprised by how much they loved it. It turned into one of their favorite stops! Your photos are gorgeous. It definitely went up higher on my list. :)

  6. I love walled cities! I was fortunate enough to study abroad in one in college (Avignon, France). There is definitely soemthing enchanting about them :) Beautiful photos!


  7. Wow what a wonderful lot of photos, I really liked these

  8. I've only been to Dubrovnik once for a short while but I thought it was beautiful, these pictures just confirm that! Plus I love that parts of Game of Thrones was filmed there.


  9. I'm thinking about traveling to Montenegro for Ages now. Your Pictures are really inspiring me to finally do so. <3


  10. Kotor is a wonderful place ;) Did you go to Budva? It's close to Kotor... Oh, I have so many wonderful memories from there :) Thanks for sharing your story ;)

    Greetings Moni,


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