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Sep 10, 2015

Village Life: Kaysersberg, France

Could you not just eat this place up? Alsatian villages are the absolute cutest. As if Colmar didn't provide enough swooning for the day, we decide to make a pit stop at another vineyard-engulfed village before heading back to Riquewihr for the night. Kaysersberg, a village just 11 km north of Colmar, was equally as charming but on a smaller scale. There were maybe 15 streets total...but an abundance of overflowing flower boxes, colorful facades, and tiny shops filled with wine, cheese, and more French sweetness than one could ever handle. If you Google Earth this town, you'll see vineyards wrap around every square inch of it (same with all the little villages dotted throughout Alsace). A wine-lover's dream if there ever was one. There wasn't much to do here but wine and wander-it-up...but my camera sure was happy, and so was my heart. Joie de vivre at its finest. These tiny towns hidden among the grapes are what my traveling soul yearns for. Simple and quaint, yet unique as a snowflake...no two hold the same quirks as the next.

As the French say, "Mangez bienriez souvent, aimes beaucoup!" 
Kasyersberg (and Alsace) in a nutshell. 


  1. sounds like a lovely town.


  2. Your posts always inspire a sense of wanderlust!

  3. I cant handle the cute!! And I'm down to go anywhere that has vineyards!

  4. How beautiful! I just want to "jump" into those pictures!


  5. Wow! That town is beautiful! One of the things I miss most about France is the flower boxes. It adds so much character and charm to the old buildings. They're always so full and well-maintained. Meanwhile, I can barely keep a house plant alive for two days...


  6. What a cute little village! It reminds me of Beauty & the Beast!

  7. Go back at Christmas - the markets in Colmar, Strasbourg and Freiburg (in Germany) are all about an hour from each other and absolutely stunning during the xmas market season. Now I want to check out Kaysersberg!!!

  8. This is a lovely quaint little town! Oh i wish i could go back to europe and visit places like this!

    x Carina | Running White Horses

  9. I think that is the most adorable town I have ever seen!

  10. I will be spending a week around Colmar in December and this has me more excited than ever. I am also going to have a look at your Heidelberg post as I will be there as well.
    Beautiful photos as well.

  11. I am happy you enjoyed my homeland Alsace! Did you also go to Strasbourg? It's great sometimes to see pretty pictures through the amazed eyes of someone discovering your country, I often forget how pretty and cute the place where I live is! ^^




  12. Wow! This place looks almost too beautiful to be true! Great photos. x


  13. Thanks for the information! I am looking to travel to Cape Town. Someone told me that Cape Town's crime is high - but after doing my own research, I think it is as safe as anywhere, and I'm looking forward to the trip!


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