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Sep 26, 2014

FRESH FACE FRIDAY [& Blog Hop!]: Irrational Fears

I more of a worry wort than most. I tend to gravitate towards the positive side of looking at various situations, but I'm also always on high alert. At any given moment I know Murphy (as in that pesky law no one likes) can strike, so while positive, I'm cautious in nature. With this cautiousness comes many irrational fears. Probably more than I should ever care to admit, but for the sake of using blogging as a form of cheap therapy...here's 3 of my most irrational of fears. No laughing. I know I'm nuts.

1) I'm terrified of passing out while driving and killing myself (and anyone in my path).
I feel like I have some rational justification for this one...sometimes. Other times, I think I start thinking about passing out while driving and get so worked up about it that I almost feel like it is actually happening. The mind is an insanely powerful thing, y'all. I'm not a stranger to passing out (I've done so at least 4 times in my life thus far), but never while driving. Needless to say, I'm not a huge fan of driving. I can't really put my finger on why, but I'm convinced it's probably the way I'll die. Either that or falling off a building into a pool and drowning. Another irrational fear for another blog post.

2) Long underground or underwater tunnels. 
I'm slightly claustrophobic. Elevators are borderline scary for me at times. So driving through an excessively long underground or underwater tunnel where no light seems to be at the end of it--someone pass me a Xanax. I blame Will Smith and the ridiculous movie Independence Day for this one. You know the scene with the explosion in the tunnel and his whole family somehow magically finds the one tunnel door they could hide behind and not die? Yeah, I'm always looking for that door. Just like airplanes defy the law of gravity, tunnels are just an accident waiting to happen, in my head at least. Oh, and if an underwater tunnel looks leaky (re: you can see moisture or water dripping around it), don't even drive me through it.

3) Open closet doors, or drawers, or any door that someone can come out from behind & murder me at night. 
I can't sleep with our bedroom door open. If a drawer is slightly ajar, it's gotta be closed before sleep can happen. Same with blinds...must be closed. If there was ever a chance for someone to glare at me with devil eyes from one of those open spaces, I'm positive I'd up and have a heart attack. I realize no one could actually fit into a drawer to come out a murder me, but snakes and rats and bugs could be in there. Close it so they can't get out...until morning when all murders and death creatures venture off to some other part of the world and I can freely open things. I also can't sleep on the side of the bed closest to the door...unless it's not the typical side of the bed I sleep on at home. Then, well, I choose the lesser of two evils. Totally legit, right? OMG, I'm certifiable.

Please don't let me be the only one with crazy irrational fears, y'all! Link up your top 3 to the hop today if only to make me feel less insane. Crazy loves company, you know? And don't forget to check out the two mentally stable bloggers below! Come back on October 10th for the next Fresh Face Friday...that is, if no closet killer has gotten me by then. Fingers crossed.

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  1. I can not sleep if the closet door is open just a crack, I am certain something bad will happen if I do! Tunnels in general that are long make me stressed out!

    1. Woot! Not the only one! ;) I hate that whole "let's hold our breath in a tunnel and see how long we can hold it" game. I'm already about to pass out from even driving through them, don't need a game to make it even worse!

  2. I'm not a big fan of driving either. I'm getting better, but I used to have full-blown anxiety whenever I got behind the wheel.
    My biggest fear right now (and I'm telling myself it's irrational) is flying. I'm headed to Boston in two weeks, and I am already freaking out about the flying part. It doesn't help that the news is always talking about terror plots right now, either!

  3. I don't like to fly due to the fear of the plane crashing. Growing up I lived in a townhouse. In my room I had the attic in my closet. That I would also check to see if it was locked. Due to the fear of someone coming down it. I would also see with the closet doors shut.

  4. I'm not really claustrophobic. Most small places don't bother me. The though of an underwater tunnel does though. I could never just randomly decide to drive from England to France. I would have a panic attack and then I would complete your #1 irrational fear. I also kinda have a thing about watersides. They need to be open, not enclosed.

  5. I laughed out loud at the closet door one because I am the same way! My husband thinks I'm nuts but I literally can't sleep lol

  6. I can't watch America's Most Wanted at night, especially with the curtains/blinds/windows open. I'm always paranoid that THAT ONE NIGHT will be the night that whomever is on the loose is going to happen by MY house, notice that I saw them on TV and come in and chop me to bits. : / Crazy .... but you never know!

  7. I am sure I have an irrational fear or two but right now I can't think of any, although many years ago I was terrified of walking under ceiling fans I thought they would fall down and cut my head off but not anymore unless it is one of those that wobbles like mad

  8. When I had a car I was always convinced I was going to get a flat tire and not be able to get the car to the side of the road safely, and I would totally convince myself I had one so everytime I parked I had to inspect all the tires. It was crazy and thankfully never happened but I am glad not be driving anymore.

  9. I'm exactly the same with closet/bathroom doors and blinds being open and sleeping - it will not happen!! I also have an irrational fear of public toilets - embarrassing but true! I'm scared they will be dirty, some murderer is hiding in there or that I'm going to get locked in. Definitely certifiable!

    1. So glad I'm not the only one!!!! It's such a silly thing to be afraid of, but gosh darn it, I can't shake it! Just makes me feel better knowing things are closed. Can't explain it! ;) And I totally get the public toilet thing...I'm a little leery about some public bathrooms myself. Not so far-fetched!

  10. So for some reason none of my comments are posting. I'm hoping for the best on this one (third try but a new browser!) I've commented on other posts, but I don't think you've received them. I love this post. I also have random irrational fears. One that has just started in the past few years has to do with bridges. When I'm driving (not when I'm a passenger) I have started getting extremely anxious that I'm going to drive off the side. No idea where this fear came from. I have to really concentrate on breathing and looking straight ahead!


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