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Sep 12, 2014

Baltic Cruise: Stockholm, Sweden

Our Baltic sailing departed from one of the most popular cities in Scandinavia--Stockholm! Lucky for us, that meant we got to spend extra time exploring this Swedish gem. Truth be told, Stockholm had never really been on my travel radar. Even though it was a short plane ride away, in my mind it was so much father. Sometimes it takes cruising to multiple destinations to get you to see places you never considered before!

The night before our cruise set sail, D and I flew into Arlanda International just outside of Stockholm. Our flight got us to Sweden around 10pm, so instead of trying to hail a taxi or take a city bus, we opted to take the Arlanda Express straight into town (20 minute ride--kind of pricey, but at 11pm at night, you hardly give a crap--book early for discounts!). Thankfully, our hotel was just around the corner from where the train stopped, so we only had to lug our 4 suitcases about half a block (cruise packing is ridiculous, y'all). Once in our room at the fabulous Radisson Blu Royal Viking Hotel, we met up with friends for a nightcap at the SKYBAR and then crashed...HARD. Travel is exhausting! Bright and early the next morning after checking out, we had the hotel store our luggage and we hopped a tour bus to have a quick driving view of the city before boarding the cruise ship at noon. The weather was slightly drab, but we enjoyed the sights nevertheless. Stockholm is rich with history and boasts some stunning architecture, so our eyes were busy scanning the skyline for unique landmarks and traditional facades. I especially loved seeing the ABBA museum--pop culture is still alive and well in Stockholm!

Since our cruise also ended its sailing journey in Stockholm, we had another opportunity to wander the city before flying back to Germany that evening. We opted to take a tour and airport transfer with the cruise line, so we had a tour guide drop us off in Gamla Stan (Stockholm's Old Town) for part of the morning while the rest of the day was spent viewing Stockholm's colorful harbor from various vantage points. My favorite views were from Monteliusvagen...you could see City Hall, Gamla Stan, Riddarholmen, and Lake Malaren from its vistas. D loved learning about City Hall where the Nobel Prize award ceremony and banquet is held every year. Such a neat piece of history--past and present!

Even though Stockholm wasn't a key travel destination for me at the time, we definitely enjoyed learning and exploring all Sweden's capital city had to offer. From culture and history, all the way to great food and pop music, Stockholm surprises from all angles! I would absolutely visit again someday.


  1. Glad you enjoyed your brief time in Sweden. You barely ever see Sweden on travel lists due to high prices here but with a bit of research you can find good priced food and attractions and enjoy a really really beautiful and clean country. Also I have never encountered a Swede in smaller cities in a store, restaurant, or bar that was not excited to meet an American so it is really a country worth exploring out of the main spots I think. (You know not like I am biased or anything ;))

  2. Sweden is high on my list of places to see. Living in Iceland has made me want to explore all Scandinavian countries. Looks beautiful.

  3. What a beautiful city. I hope you have a great weekend.

  4. Id love to visit Stockholm someday!


  5. Stockholm is a very nice city full of historical buildings. I have been there few times already.

  6. You pictures bring but memories of all the little alleyways we passed through and all the sights above. Also when I was there it wasn't this sunny at all.

    A evening in Edinburgh's Secret Garden

  7. ohh i love Stockholm ..
    As i have family in Sweden i am there every summer and i'm
    always so happy when we go to Stocholm ... all the buildings and the sea.... <3


  8. Stockholm seems so beautiful, and has managed to creep it's way up my list of places to visit over time - at this rate, I'll be seeing it by next year! Beautiful pictures by the way! <3

  9. It's always interesting to look at the places you end up traveling to. I've often loved a destination that was never even on my radar or I had thought I wouldn't be interested in. I love these photos, it looks like you saw some beautiful sights!

  10. We are glad to hear that you liked your visit here in Stockholm! Welcome back! :)

  11. Lots of sight seeing! Those pictures are wonderful.

    Sunflowers & Love

  12. I've been obsessed with Stockholm since I read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo haha I can't wait to go!

  13. I don't know much about Sweden but I love the architecture in your photos. It looks like a beautiful place.

  14. Oh I'm so happy you got to experience Stockholm! I think you are on the same page as many, where Stockholm (and Sweden in general) isn't high on the travel bucket list…yet it is such a beautiful country and city!

  15. amazing! Oh I want to go to Stockholm so badly!


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