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Sep 26, 2013

What's In My Make-Up Bag?

Supporting Items:
DDF Amplifying Elixer (my only major splurge)
Simple Kind To Skin Facial Cleansing Wipes (as daily makeup remover wipes)

I've gotten a few emails asking what kinds of makeup and skincare products I use while traveling, so I thought I'd give you guys a quick round-up of everything I put on my face each morning! Well, not each morning. Let's be honest, I don't leave the house everyday, so I'm not gonna makeup myself up for a day spent behind a computer screen. Waste not, want not. I'm also a no frills kind of girl, so my makeup bag is pretty basic (and affordable, I like to think I've got a good mix of splurge vs budget-friendly products). I love neutral colors and I'm not a huge fan of bright lip colors or anything too flashy. Staying classic is a look I always gravitate to (a well-executed smokey eye is almost always flattering). As for traveling? The majority of these products come along for the ride. I do downsize to the travel-size versions of my face moisturizer and amplifying elixir. And I guess I should also mention why there's a big haul of Mary Kay brand items in my makeup bag. My mom's an MK consultant! A very awesome one, at that. She's like my little makeup fairy momma! I also really, really love and stand by the products I use (and have been using for years) from the Mary Kay collection. If you haven't tried their foundations or primers, give my mom a call! They're fabulous and work well for multiple skin types. I also swear by their mineral eye shadows. Use the primer in combination with the mineral shadows and your eyes will look fierce all day long! And those oil blotting sheets? Lifesavers after long flights and hot, muggy days out exploring and sight-seeing.

OH! And because so many people have flattered the pants off of me asking how I get my hair to cooperate on our travels (for real, you guys are too sweet to me), I'm going to vlog all my best hair secrets for you soon! HINT: they're not big secrets, so keep those expectations low. Just saying. ;) Be on the lookout for a hair vlog soon! 
Happy Thursday, everyone!


  1. I'm a MK consultant, too - got to love that discount, lol. My family are the ones really reaping the benefits, I don't think they've had to buy makeup in years!


  2. Great post! I am working on a beauty post as well. I love each of these products and they are so great for the fall season! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Love MK! My Grandma and Mom are consultants. The MK eye primer is amazing also! Couldn't live without the foundation primer.

  4. I love Benefit stuff! Unfortunately, our movers packed my makeup so I'm on the makeup struggle bus for awhile.

  5. I always love hearing what people carry in their make up bags! i love that revlon color! it is gorgeous!

  6. I can't go anywhere without the Revlon stain in Honey. I love it, and it lasts very long!

  7. Ooh all of these look great, but I really want to try #1. Thanks for sharing! :)

  8. I love Burt's Bees lip balms - they really are the best. Even more so when I'm traveling - planes, trains and buses can be so drying.

  9. I really love the Revlon Just Bitten line! both the lip stain and the balm. I own lots of colors in both products :)


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