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Sep 30, 2013

Three Things They Don't Tell You About Being an Army Brat...

Welcome to Monday, friends! I know, sighhh. I've got a case of 'em, too. Thankfully I've got a fun little pick-me-up for you today! Readers, meet Britt. Miss Britt is the writer behind One & Twenty, a blog devoted to all things beauty, wellness, and balance. Not only is Britt an inspirational soul, she's also well versed in the military lifestyle having grown up with a father in the Army and being stationed overseas. Growing up as an Army brat, she's got herself an interesting perspective about living life through the eyes of a child in a military community. Not growing up in an immediate military family (I married into one), I found her guest post quite fascinating (and pretty witty!). I hope you'll take a quick sec and get to know sweet Britt and her little slice of blog land this morning! Take it away, girl!
... and why it's all worth it!

1. You're not given a military exemption for all aspects of regular life.
For example, you can never truly enjoy places like this...
... because you know how authentic italian food tastes, and this will never be enough.
Not only do you not get to enjoy affordable pseudo-cultural eating establishments in America, but you also risk being labelled a snob because of it, since no exception for your dad's European tour of duty and your subsequent exposure to that authenticity is made.

2. The ever-complicated dichotomy of your hatred of violence and your love for your military parent.

I mean, how can you NOT love this guy?
He's undeniably the coolest-looking 90s dad ever. No crazy patterned hammer pants, or intense shoulder pads, or anything! And he's standing tall in front of a sweet swiss lion sculpture. Can't get more boss than that.

And then the reality hits you: this swagmaster fought in a very serious war at one point. 
The teen/adult me loves contact sports but is not fond of anything more intense than that. Thinking of all the lives sacrificed under one banner or another just puts me in a weird gray area that I try not to think of when I'm hanging out with the best man ever created.

3. There are many other Army brats, thereby taking away your "special" card.
At first, it's cool when you meet another military child because you get to talk about your experiences, and it's nice that someone "gets" you. But with the introduction of every new Army brat, your cool points exponentially decrease.
Now, you're not the only one in your class who has seen amazing stuff like this...

... or done awesome stuff like this...

So now there's some other kid around peddling your merchandise, and you're forced to find other things that make you unique. Darn you, American military, and your attractive recruitment policies for stealing my thunder and forcing me to be my own individual.

But all of these things are small prices to pay for what you gain as an Army brat.
A love for travel, a love for culture, and a love for trying new things are just some of the vast and varied benefits of the lifestyle.

 Even beyond this, the one thing that makes being an Army brat completely worth it is the strengthened bond between yourself and your family. Between having to accept that your father may never come back, having to navigate new places and new people constantly, and learning how to make the most of every moment you have together, you learn how important that reliable and unbreakable bond truly is.
I love being a military child, and most importantly, I love being part of a military family.

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  1. This was hilarious and touching, I know after living in Sweden for two years at home a few people have hinted at my being snobby about things but like she said you cannot help it when you have seen/tasted/heard the real deal!

  2. Seriously adorable photos. Quite touching.

  3. I found this post both funny and touching like the others did, so you did good

  4. Awww great post! I hope my future kids will have such a funny and touching outlook on their childhood.

  5. Great post! As an Air Force brat, I can definitely relate!

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