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Oct 5, 2012


Hey peeps. TGIF! Can I get an AMEN?!
Holy cow was this week a long one. I don't really know why, but it kind of kicked my butt. That might be the lack of sleep talking, though. I blame my brain. It always wants to replay the day for me over again as soon as my head hits the pillow. Thanks, brain, but I've been there, done that. Let me sleep for heaven's sake. Anywho, nothing really exceptional happened this week. For example, the highlight of my Thursday was finding a piece of string cheese stuck in my hair after wandering around the house for oh...2 hours. Seriously. I live an ultra glamorous life, if you didn't already know (<--insert sarcasm here). So, forgive me if today's letters seem mundane. It's been the theme of the week. Oh and in case you were wondering, we're now moving into week 4 of The Great Internet Blackout of 2012. A month, people. Almost 30 whole days without proper internet. This internet catastrophe has become so ridiculous that it's now got its own Facebook page (because, you know, all idiotic things like "I bet we can get this photo of a pickle more likes than Mark Zuckerburg" get their own Facebook pages)...which of course I can't access because, well, I have no internet! Ok, I'm kidding, there is no FB page. But this situation has earned its own title and dark spot in my heart for all eternity. Are you surprised? I feel like I'm starting to sound like a friggin' broken record. Somebody shoot me now.

Moving on...here's this weeks Friday letters via Instagram:

Dear Ludwigsburg Pumpkin Festival,
We had a blast visiting you last weekend...which was evident in the 200 photos I took of you. All were completely necessary. Especially the ones of the Swiss Army knife made out of pumpkins. Brilliant. Here's a few sneak peeks. There was a whole lotta pumpkin lovin' going on.

{Pumpkin Spaghetti & Pumpkin Champagne, yum!}

Dear Margarita I drank at Mexico Lindo in Mainz right before the hockey game on Wednesday,
Thank you. Thank you for being you. You're the only margarita I've tried in Germany (that wasn't made by my own two hands) that's actually tasted how a margarita should taste. I've spent the last year and 4 months looking for you. And now that I've found you, it's Margarita Wednesday from now on. You're all invited. :)

Dear October (a.k.a the greatest month of the year),
{last year's birthday eggies & toast-cake made by my sweet husband}

Thank golly you are finally here! You always bring such fun things with you when you come around. For example, this year you're bringing me grape picking at a vineyard on the Rhine, a blate (blog+date=blate...it's a word, trust me) of epic international proportions (more on that later!), Halloween parties (duh, awesome), and last, but certainly not least, MY BIRTHDAY (11 days to the main event ladies and gents! Get yo party hats on!)!! These are just a few of the infinite reasons why I love you, October. If my year was filled with just a succession of you, life would be blissful. Oh and October, I almost forgot one other amazing event you've brought me this year....

Dear Oktoberfest,
Pinch me. I absolutely cannot believe we are FINALLY getting to experience the awesomeness that is the REAL German Oktoberfest in Munich this year! We've heard stories for years and years about the insane amounts of fun will have (and how the beers and pretzels are the size of your face), and now it's our turn to enjoy your famous beer tents! Our dirndls and lederhosen are pressed and ready to go! But please, dear Oktoberfest, go easy on us. We're newbies. Have mercy on our livers.

And with that, I bid you all adieu. Our bags are packed and we're hitting the road to Munich in just a few short hours! We've yet to visit Munich, so we'll spend tomorrow sightseeing around the city, but come Sunday (the last day of Oktoberfest for this year), we'll don our traditional Bavarian garb and make our way to the Oktoberfest grounds. I am BEYOND excited! I'm positive I'll be taking a bagillion photos, so follow my Instagram feed (username: @CaseyCote) to keep up with all the fun! Happy weekending, friends!

Auf Wiedersehen!



  1. Octoberfest sound like so much fun ! Can't wait to see your pictures!

    I like that pumpkin patch picture! Your right there sure was a lot of them behind you! Cute outfit too !


  2. Enjoy the Wiesn (that is what Germans call the Oktoberfest)! The lack of internet sucks - I experienced the same thing when we moved and it took them almost two months to find the problem. I was going insane!

  3. Enjoy Munich, it's lovely there. And I feel you on October. It's my birthday month too! :)

  4. I cant wait to see the pictures! have fun!

  5. We're going to Oktoberfest this weekend too! The mister stayed late every day this week just so he could get off early tonight so we can have lots of time up there. Can't wait to compare stories!

  6. Pumpkin festival looked immense!!!

  7. AMEN!

    Although... I don't know how you're doing it. No internet for four weeks? I can feel the withdrawal symptoms just by thinking about it. hahaha

  8. Wow! You have a lot of fun stuff coming up! Makes my trips to the pumpkin patch and local fall festivities in DC look tame. ;)

    Have so much fun, girl!

  9. Oktoberfest does sound like a ton of fun! Hope you guys have a great time! As for the internet, I'm not quite sure how you do that. It would drive me crazy but at least you have a ton of other great things going on! Have fun!

  10. Oktoberfest sounds like a blast!!! :)

  11. Oktoberfest sound amazing! Look forward to reading about the adventure :) That is a great picture from the pumpkin festival, too!

  12. Ooooh, we're hoping to get to Ludwigsburg next weekend--looks amazing! Have so much fun at Oktoberfest. Can't wait to hear about it!

  13. sounds like fun! would you like to follow each other in gfc? let me know! http://xxxloveisbeautyxxx.blogspot.ie/

  14. I never knew there were so many pumpkin varieties! I'm pretty jealous. :)


  15. Wow! All those pumpkin varieties and Oktoberfest activities make Fall in America seem a little mundane! Question: Will you wear those outfits every October when you are back here in America? You'll be set for Halloween indefinitely! I'm really enjoying your blog:)

  16. How Fun! I have decided I will live out my dreams through you and your adventures :)

  17. look at all those different pumpkins! how fun!

  18. That is an awesome picture with all these different types of pumpkins. So cool!

  19. Now THAT's a pumpkin fest that you attended!

    Found you on Friday Chaos and I'm following.

    I totally look forward to seeing/hearing what's going on in Germany. We passed through once on a trip, but never really visited!

  20. Wow! You have a lot of fun stuff coming up! Makes my trips to the pumpkin patch and local fall festivities in DC look tame. ;)
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