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Oct 23, 2012

Boxes Filled with Fall

There's nothing that warms the heart of an expat more than a care package from home. Little boxes filled with familiar treats and seasonal gifts always brings back a flood of nostalgia and for a brief moment in time, you feel like you're not 4,000 miles away from everything you hold dear. For an expat, checking the mail becomes an everyday excitement. It also keeps you going. Just knowing someone, somewhere is thinking of you, missing you--wanting to send you love and comfort in the form of your favorite magazine or box of crackers because a hug just isn't possible. Care packages are like giant hugs. They bring joy of indescribable proportions and help to make home feel a little less far away. I live for care packages. That's why when my dear friend, Kristin, who blogs over at Vignettes, mentioned she would be hosting a Fall Friendship Swap, I knew I had to participate! Not only do I love getting mail, I also love sending it. So, I scoured Germany looking for the coolest fall goodies I could find and sent them over to Kristin, who also happened to be my swap partner (lucky me!!). Just a week after I sent my package off to Virginia, I received Kristin's gift in my mailbox and squealed with delight as I opened it, on my birthday no less. :) Thank you so much, Kristin! I adored every single thing!

And not to be outdone, my sweet momma also mailed a few fall gifts our way. D and I will be sipping Pumpkin Spiced Lattes well into Christmas thanks to my mom and her super awesome coffee hunting skills! You guys in America are really going nuts for the PSL this year, aren't you? She had the hardest time getting her hands on those Via pouches because they're selling out so quickly! Thanks, mom, for running around town like a crazed coffee nut for us! And thanks for the pumpkin bagels and pretzels. Mind=blown.

Friends, do you have a friend or family member that lives far from home? Do you know a deployed military member who could use a little morale boost? Let them know you're thinking of them by sending a little love this holiday season. Not only will it warm their hearts and lift their spirits, it's good for your soul, too. :) 
Happy Tuesday, dears!


  1. What good gifts to receive! Can never go wrong with pumpkin!

    I love the earring hanging from the towel. Both are adorable!


  2. That is awesome! When we lived overseas those special care packages of American yummies were the best!

  3. I love everything you received!!! :)

  4. Aw what a fabulous gift to receive!

  5. Awwww YAY! So glad you loved everything :-). I was so lucky to be your partner - I have been just savoring each of the little German goodies that ended up on my doorstep! Such fun! P.S. I love those little cookie cutters for lots of things besides cookies...think: cheese, fudge, ham (for crackers), butter pats, etc... Hope you're having SOOOOOO much fun in Italy on your "blacation"! Not that I'm jealous or anything. Ok. I am ;-) Can't wait to hear about it!

  6. the only mail I ever get is prescriptions paha sad day. I bet those pumpkin bagels are awesome!

  7. So glad to see you got some love from home. I can only imagine how excited you must have been to get such awesome goodies! Care packages from home are the BEST!!

  8. I think everyone loves getting mail that isn't bills, right? The one thing I've missed most since losing my mom is the lack of spontaneous greeting cards in the mail. Off to send some to my friends!

  9. Getting packages in the mail is the absolute best over here. Its like Christmas :) Have you had your Via yet? I made it with soy milk and it wasnt so good, but with normal milk its awesome :)

  10. Oh my! Look at all those goodies! So awesome :)

  11. That was one good looking box!!!

  12. In a post I did a couple weeks ago about my fall care package I described it like a hug too! I also think the longer you are gone the better they get because I know after a year and a half I start to think that maybe everyone forget but then a package arrives and it is so amazing!

  13. Hi! I am your newest follower and was hoping that you would stop by and follow me back!



  14. How sweet!
    You received a lot of great stuff!


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