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Oct 25, 2012

An Ode to Panera: Honey Pecan Cream Cheese Spread

When we were living back in these states, a quick trip for breakfast at Panera was a regular occurrence for team Coté. D and I would start our Saturdays with a 9am spin class on base then refuel at our favorite breakfast stop (aside from the Mom & Pop pancake houses littered all over the Hampton Roads area...those kinds of calories would need more than just a spin class beforehand to justify). D would get the Asiago Cheese Bagel Egg White Sandwich and I'd always order a Cinnamon Crunch bagel, toasted, and smeared with their delicious reduced-fat Honey Walnut Cream Cheese spread. Ever since moving to Germany, I've been jonesing for an ounce of that breakfast spread. Of course, I've never really found an exact match in any of the grocery stores or bakeries here, so I decided to concoct my own. This time, with pecans...natures Southern candy. The result brought me right back to our booth, in my workout gear, talking over coffee with my favorite guy. Sometimes it's the little things, like a yummy cream cheese spread at a bagel shop, that can turn average everyday happenings in something a bit sweeter. Go ahead and give this recipe a try this weekend. Share it with someone you love. And say hello to Panera for me, would ya? ;)

Honey Pecan Cream Cheese Spread
1- 8oz. package or container of plain reduced-fat cream cheese
2 Tbs. honey
1 Tbs. Splenda brown sugar blend (or 2 Tbs. if using regular brown sugar)
1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon
1-2 Tbs. crushed pecans (you can use really any nut you like--I love pecans, so that's what I went with)

Mix all ingredients together in a medium bowl until well blended. Serve with your favorite bagels (might I suggest Thomas' Pumpkin Spice Bagels...they're AMAZING). Keep refrigerated for up to one week (if it even lasts that long!).

Enjoy your Thursday, friends!


  1. okay let me go lick my hand and pretend it is covered in this goodness!

  2. I need to figure out a knock-off for their cheddar bagels before my husband makes us broke getting them. On a side note, I LOVE your cute leaf plates :)

  3. Ermahgerd!!! This would be so good on my cinnamon raisin bagels! And I am in full support of trading the walnuts out for pecans ;)

  4. Oh my. I don't know how you thought of that, but it looks incredible!
    Thanks for making me hungry! :-)

  5. We don't have a Panera Bread here but I have heard rumors we are getting one. That looks like heaven and seems so easy! Thanks for sharing.

  6. wanna hear something 'sad'?? I have never eaten at Panera before. Guess I'd better give it a try sometime 'cause it sounds yummy!

  7. This sounds amazing. I miss Panera SO much!

  8. I love love love Panera Bread and miss it so much. It was on my "Must-do" list last summer when i went home to The States. I just added this recipe to my Pepperplate app (I store all my recipes there)! Can't wait to dig in :P

  9. Now how good does that look! Seriously a mixture of my favorites: cream cheese, cinnamon, pecans... oh my!

  10. Found your blog through the blog hop! I must say I am super jealous that you're living over seas and doing so much traveling :)

    My Aunt & Uncle just moved back to the states after being stationed in Ramstein for 4 years and they loved it!


  11. Num, num, num... It looks yummy! I'm personally addicted to the broccoli and cheese soup with the french bread. No one and I mean NO ONE makes it like them.

    I'm your newest follower from the GFC Blog Hop.

  12. Yummy! New follower from GFC blog hop! I used to be a military wife... my husb was a Marine for 8 years! Never been to Germany, though... sounds very cool!

  13. Um this looks amazing! I cannot wait to try it. Thanks for sharing! Popping over from the blog hop and loving your blog!

  14. this looks so good. I am going to pin it. I miss Panera sometimes too!

    Tamika @ www.notimefortea.com


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