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Jan 23, 2012

My Week in Photos-Instagram Edition

I'm obsessed...OBSESSED with Instagram. Easily my most favorite app on the iPhone. Well, that at the FaceInHole app. Have y'all seen that one? FaceInHole? HILARIOUS. I've been putting my face in peoples holes all week.

Umm. Rewind. That totally didn't sound right. THIS is what I mean.

Yes, my hubby is 100 times more handsome than Prince William...I just needed more proof that I am, in fact, Kate's hair twin.

There are no words for this one. I'm so afraid for D's hairline. 
And my super white face.

I have NO idea who's kissing my cheeks. None what so ever.

Rawrr. Move over Elena!

I do, Edward! I do! 
{Ok, so this one is also super bad.}

Insane, right?! Unfortunately, only one photo (out of like a bagillon) on my phone would work for my face. All other photos of me were either blurry-ish or way off color. Not that these are perfect knock-offs, obviously, but I seriously had to do a double take at the first and forth photos. Bananas. If you've ever wanted to see what you'd look like up against a celebrity, download FaceInHole. I promise, it makes for hours of fun. Either that, or I have absolutely nothing productive to do with my life. Eh. Let's go with the former.

Now, where was I?

Instagram, the new love of my life. Why do I enjoy it so much? It's SO easy to just snap a pic, doll it up in one of their fancy shmancy filters, add some clever wording, and voilà! Art and storytelling via the iPhone. App technology at it's finest, in my opinion. Obviously, I'm easy to please. So, when Jenni at my new favorite blog, Story of my Life (I may or may not have a tiny blog crush...she's like the way cooler version of myself...totally not creepy or anything) mentioned she was going to start hosting a Week in Instagram link-up, I knew I'd fallen in love with her forever. Ok...now it might be a little creepy.

Anywho, I was supposed to post this last night, but for some reason, blogging on the weekend isn't something I like to do. So, it's happening today. I'll try harder for a Sunday night post next week. Promise. Now, without further adieu, here's my week in photos courtesy of Instagram!

1. Hittin' the road. Next stop, Austria!
2. Guten Morgen. View from our ski chalet @ 7am.
3. Austrian Alps, ready to be explored.
4. First run of the weekend! We "pizza-ed" our way down.
5. Day 2. Got our ski legs back. Carved out some reds today!
6. Surely this is heaven. Pure snowy bliss.
7. D won a trophy...for doing #8.
8. Austrian ice curling.
9. Too much Glühwein? No such thing.
10. New snow boots. These would have been nice a few days ago.
11. Saturday morning yummies-Egg Sammies & Mimosas.
12. Saturday evening yummies-Chicken Cordon Bleu Pasta {hella-good}
13. How we spent our Saturday night (and basically every other night of the week). In bed, both entranced by our phones. Old farts.
14. Sourdough Egg Boats. Maiden Voyage.

Wanna keep up with my 
weekly photo stream via Instagram?
Seriously, you should. 
Just click the button below!
Or search for my Instagram username @caseycote


  1. Dude. The fourth picture... you seriously can't even tell that that's not you.

  2. love this :) I love the first one of you and prince William :)
    Looks like a great week in instagram!

    Have a great week girl!

  3. haha Oh faceinhole...good times!


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