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Jan 31, 2012

Austrian Ski Weekend-Part 2

Following a night of beer fueled karaoke was our first day skiing the snowy Austrian Alps! Seriously, someone pinch me. I had lots of moments like that during this trip. One of them being waking up to this:

 This sleepy ski town was eerily quiet in the mornings. You could only hear the crunching of snow under snow boots in the far distance. Although mysterious, it was also refreshing and peaceful. This was our view from the breakfast room. You can even see whispy clouds rolling through, proof that we'd reached some pretty high elevations on our drive up the mountain. 
P.S-if you've never tried an authentic Austrian roll called "Kaisersemmel", add that to your bucket list. Insanely good.

After our traditional Austrian breakfast of Kaisersemmel, meats, cheeses, hard boiled eggs, and homemade muesli, we got all geared up and headed to Alpendorf Ski Resort to begin our skiing adventure!

On the gondola heading up to the top of the mountain. Check out that view!!! The Alps are breathtaking. Pictures don't do them justice.

Halfway though day 1 of skiing, we stopped at one of the many lodges where you could relax and refuel. D and I ordered hot chocolate, pommes, and Austrian Berner Würstels (sausages stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon). I know, awesome, right? They were TO DIE FOR. That's saying a lot coming from me. I'm not the biggest fan of sausages (I feel a "That's what she said!" comment coming on!). Anywho, we scarfed down our food and gave our tootsies a chance to thaw out, but it wasn't long before we were back out tearing up the slopes! It was too beautiful of a day to stay inside. We were truly blessed with some awesome weather!

Here are a few tips to remember when skiing in Austria:
1) A "blue" run is the equivalent to a "red" run in the states. A "black diamond" run is the equivalent to DEATH in the states. I don't care who disagrees. From my experience, this is truth. Terrifying truth.

2) Assessing ski slope steepness from a chairlift or, let say, the lodge, is NOT an accurate way to determine if you're able to ski that slope. Looks are definitely deceiving. You don't want to learn that the hard way.

3) Never look up the mountain while skiing down the mountain at high speed. YOU WILL FALL. I may or may not have taken my own advice.

4) Remember to move your skis OFF of the safety bar before trying to pull it up in an attempt to exit a ski lift. No one wants a ski to the eye or worse, to pop a ski off and watch it slide down the mountain without you.

5) Avoid button lifts and "T-bar" lifts like the plague. Seriously, they look as though you are a part of a weird skiing assembly line. Basically, you put this thing between your legs or behind the small of your back and a bungee-like cord pulls you up the mountain while your skis are planted on the ground. These lifts are abnormal and make you feel all kinds of awkward. Not to mention if you try to lean back too far or sit, your cord will give way and you'll fall off the lift. Insanely nerve wracking, right? And they require just as much leg strength as you would use if you were actually skiing down the mountain. So not fun. If you MUST take one of these lifts, keep your knees slightly bent and let the thing pull/push you up the mountain. Don't fight it and definitely don't let go

6) And finally, under no circumstances should you drink the "Jagertee." I don't care if the cutest Austrian Après-skier comes up to you and offers you a free one, don't drink it! It's literally Jägermeister and tea. If you like drinking steaming hot jet fuel, by all means, do so. I, however, do not. The photo below was taken pre-taste of the Jagertee. Happy and not yet phased by the disgustingness. I don't know how the putrid smell didn't give it away. We'll never make that same mistake twice.

By the way, if you've never heard of the term Après-ski, allow me to enlighten you. Après-skiing can be as simple and innocent as enjoying an alcoholic beverage with friends at a bar right on the mountain after an epic day of shredding the slopes. You can also rent folding beach chairs and "sunbathe" right on the mountain. Nice, right? 

Well, Après-skiing could also mean this:

Loud techno music, dancing, bikini's (yes, I said bikini's), lots of drinking and partying right on the mountain, in your ski gear. Well, except for the girls who end up in bikini's. Thankfully, we didn't encounter any of this kind of Après-skiing. We saved up all our partying for post-skiing bar time at the Rustica each night.

Proof I also sang my fair share of karaoke. Courtesy of the Siegi Tours Facebook Page. No one was smart enough to record my awfulness, though. Suckas!

Goodnight, sweet Austria. 

Stay tuned for the third and final part of our Austrian ski weekend recap! Ever wonder what Austrian Ice Curling looks like and how the heck my hubby won a trophy playing it? Seriously. I promise to tell you allll about it.

Until tomorrow...


  1. Looks like an amazing trip. And yes, you're right... I was totally thinking, "that's what she said."

  2. Your trip looks like it was absolutely wonderful! I've never gone skiing (and don't plane on it...long story that I can tell you about later), but you make it sound absolutely appealing!

    And a jägermeister tea drink? No thanks. Yuck!! Glad you tried it, though!

  3. I literally laughed out loud at your Après-skiing pictures and commentary. You are too funnny!

  4. Oh my gosh! Sweet Austria is right! So beautiful. Totally on my life list to go there someday:-) xoxo

  5. Wow! Now I wish I had been in Austria in January instead of September. It looks like you had an awesome time!

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