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Jan 19, 2012


Eleven years ago today, I said "yes" to a boy.
He wanted to take me out on a date.
I smiled as I walked away from the computer.
Because, you know, he asked me out over an AIM conversation.
 As most 14 year old boys would do.
I immediately ran and told my Mom.
 "Mom, I'm going on a date with David, from school!"
To which she replied, 
"Honey, that's great! But isn't he that dorky boy from 5th grade?"
I said, "Yeah Mom that's him, but he's not so dorky anymore."

Two days later, we went out on our first real date.
We met at the movie theatre. Our Mom's drove us there.
He told me I was beautiful and gave me a hug.
We walked inside the theatre and he bought our tickets.
He held my hand through the entire movie.
Gently rubbing his thumb across the top of my hand.
I have no idea what Save the Last Dance was about.
All I could think about was his hand, touching mine.
We barely spoke that night, but...
I can still remember the way he smelled.
I can still remember what he wore.
I can still remember the sweet conversation he had with a little girl.
He's going to make a great father one day.
When the movie ended, we said our goodbyes.
 I floated home on Cloud 9.
Although it wasn't evident to me that night, 
He was going to be my husband.

The weeks went by and the seasons changed, 
But our love for one another only grew.
We shared family vacations, proms and graduations, 
Friends, college, and quiet moments alone.
Then one day that boy who had stood by my side for 7 long years,
 Decided he wanted me forever.
And on July 28th, 2007, he made me his wife.

Eleven memory filled years later and he still gives me butterflies.
I wake up and fall asleep in his arms.
He's the reason I breathe. 
He was Created just for me.
I love him with every fiber of my being.
Until my forever ends.

Happy 11 years of togetherness, my love!
It just keeps getting better.

You can read more of our story here.


  1. Such a sweet post :) Congrats to your 11 years of togetherness!

  2. This was so sweet! I wish you guys many more years of togetherness.

  3. Hhahaha i just saw that Breanna above me used "togetherness," too. Happy dateiversary again! (sorry for the double post)

  4. ok, I'm crying now...so beautiful!

  5. You've got me with tears in my eyes! Congrats on 11 years!

  6. Happy 11 year date-iversary!!!

  7. This is super sweet! Happy Day, Casey :)

  8. Such a sweet post, gives me hope that I'll still have butterflies in my stomach 7 years down the line :)

  9. Congrats! It's been 14 yrs for my wife and I and it still feels like yesterday. I can still remember the first date with us closing down the restaurant. I remember heading home with those butterflies knowing that this was going to be the woman I marry!


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