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Jan 13, 2012

Christmas Mash-Up & the Frankfurt Christmas Market

It's F-F-F-Friday! Thank the good Lord! This week has been draggggging along. Can't say I'm sad to see it go. I'm also majorly stoked for the weekend because D and I are hittin' the road tomorrow. Where are we going? So glad you asked. The Austrian Alps, baby! I know, pinch me, right?! We're having ourselves a little impromptu Alpine ski weekend along with a few members of the hubby's squadron. The trip has actually been in motion for a few months now, but D and I just recently hopped on the bandwagon after a few of his co-workers convinced us it was sure to be a fabulously fun trip. Actually, boys don't say the word "fabulous", they more or less sold it to us by saying, "Dude...we ski, we drink, we eat, and then we drink some more!" No need to say anything else, my friend. You had me at eat. Or was it ski? Probably drink. Either way, I am IN! We originally had a trip to Salzburg, Austria planned for this weekend, but nixed that for chance to soak up some time carving into the white powder of the Alps. Our ski resort is only 45 minutes north of Salzburg, so I'm sure we'll hit it up on our way home...or if we've had enough skiing after 4 hours (that tends to happen to a certain Mr. I know). So, we're basically getting two trips for the price of one!

Think I've got enough fair isle stuff? Gotta look the part!

As for Germany this week...there's not much to say except that it's been craptastic. The weather, that is. Rain. Every. Single. Day. I seriously cannot get over how gloomy and gross it is here in the winter time. A few of my German friends have mentioned that this is nice compared to most winters. NICE? Oh my gosh, I need some sunshine, stat! No wonder all the German's vacation in Majorca. We might need to take a page out of their playbook soon. It's simply ridiculous. All this weather nastiness has been majorly contributing to my crabby attitude this week (well, that and PMS, but that's a whole other beast). This was the first week since moving to Germany that I've really been homesick. That's why this vacation couldn't have come at a better time. And I swear, if I see one ounce of precipitation that's not in the form of snow, I will indeed sh*t a brick. 

Ok, switching directions. I was looking through my photos this morning in an attempt to dig myself out of gloominess that is my life right now (and photos of good times always make me happy). I found a mini gaggle of photos from Christmas activities I've failed to share with you! Oh my, I think I saw a virtual eye roll from you all (more Christmas, ugh...that's so last year), but my OCD won't let me not share them. You have to know EVERYTHING about my life. 

Kidding. Kind of.

Kicking it off are photos from D's squadron Christmas party. This party was awesomesauce, to say the least. We got to get all fancied up, eat gourmet food at an ultra swanky location, and dance and drink the night away with some pretty dubious characters. A fun time was had by all.

{iPhone photos...sorry for the sub-par quality}
{Oh and if you follow me on Instagram, you've probably already seen a lot of these. If you don't, then you should! Click the Instagram link on my sidebar to follow. Or look me up! Username: CaseyCote. If you don't have Instagram...what? Are you living under a rock?}

The is the foyer of the Wiesbaden Kurhaus. Talk about breathtaking.

Hellllo handsome. Good gosh my guy can wear the crap out of a suit!

The infamous Riesling Soup. Drool.

My Black Truffle Pasta. Double drool.

D's Prime Rib...dare I say, Triple drool?

This looked fancy and tasted...eh. Apple Strudel with lots of abstract accoutrements. 

Of course, I ate it anyway. 

The tie color set-up reminds me of a certain chipmunk cartoon. 
Alvin, Simon, Theodore! Doo doo doo doo doo doo! 

I've got no idea how I ended up with a pink crown, but I was rocking' it.

My favorite shot of the night. It was almost midnight, 4 glasses of wine brought my phone out, and the elevator had an unbelievably clean gold, mirrored door. I wasn't even counting on D going on GQ and adjusting his tie beside me. Sometimes awesomeness just happens.

And finally...the last Christmas Market of this holiday season. Frankfurt!

Seems like we always choose the most crowded days to visit the markets. Insanity. We were constantly squished together like sardines. No bueno when carrying that scalding hot glühwein.

Cute architecture overload.

Chocolate covered pear-mice, anyone?

Or how about a greasy Kartoffelpuffer?
So good. Choose that one.
{German Potato Pancake served with applesauce}

I can now say that I have, in fact, eaten a chestnut roasted on an open fire. Darn you Nat King Cole for making me want to do that so badly...and then not really liking it once I had tried it. Such is life.

So, there you go. The last of the holiday cheer. My gift to you on this, the first glorious day of the weekend. Happy Friday to you all! I'm off to get my pack on. Austria here we come! Auf Wiedersehen!!!


  1. Haha I tried a chestnut under an open fire back in England and my friend and I both had to spit it out. Glad we weren't the only ones!

    I hope you see some sunshine soon!

  2. Yeah, I am definitely not a fan of roasted chestnuts. They are icky. And.... your dress is so gorgeous! I love it.
    Also... totally jealous of your impromptu trip to the alps!

  3. Austrian Alps... Consider yourself pinched. That is sooo amazing!

    The riesling soup sounds interestingly delicious.

    Great photos!

  4. You must, MUST, go to Mallorca. We went when I was in Italy. AMAZING! We stayed in Palma. Go go go!!

  5. Casey, It's so nice to read your blog! My bf is in the AF too although our situation is backwards- I'm living in Germany for a teaching opportunity and he's in Dayton, but with Space-A, he comes through Ramstein quite often. Nice to hear about another couple having the same "sort" of experience here too! How long are you guys in Germany? Are you near Ramstein? Looking forward to following your blog!


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