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Feb 2, 2015

Happiness Advocate: Uncustomary Art

Hey there, lovelies! I'm Uncustomary, and I'm so happy to be guest posting on this wonderful blog you follow! I live in Baltimore, Maryland and I'm an advocate for happiness and living your life the way that's the most fun for you. For me, happiness is found in things like street art, snail mail, and practicing self love. I wanted to outline some ways you might be able to bring more joy into your daily lives!

Guest Post on We Took The Road Less Traveled | Uncustomary Art 100 Ways To Celebrate Life
We tend to wait for big events to celebrate, but guess what? It doesn't need to be a wedding or birthday to put on a party hat! Check out this giant list of unusual holidays. For example, today is Groundhog Day but it's also Crepe Day and Play Your Ukulele Day! You can celebrate those so easily!?But also just being alive is a reason to party. Put mini umbrellas in your drinks and dance in store aisles! The world is your playground.

Practicing Gratitude

Guest Post on We Took The Road Less Traveled | Uncustomary Art

Keeping a happy journal changed my life. I write at least three things that made me happy everyday in my journal, and it's made all the difference. It has made it easier to focus on positivity and find the sparkly linings in potentially miserable situations. I can't recommend making gratitude a priority in your life enough. However you decide to show your appreciation for this life you have is brilliant!

Spending Time With Animals

Guest Post on We Took The Road Less Traveled | Uncustomary Art

Animals make this world so much better. They're all beautiful, and if you get the chance to cuddle up with a little fur ball, by all means do so! You're going to feel so much love in your heart that it's going to be really difficult to not smile. PS - this is Bug, my cat!

Exploring Locally

Guest Post on We Took The Road Less Traveled | Uncustomary Art

You don't have to get on a plane to become an explorer! There are tons of amazing things to look at and search through in your general location! If you're in the states you might want to check out Roadside America to get you started. Once you realize that there's such cool stuff within a reasonable distance of your doorstep, you'll be more inclined to find these things on your own-- without predetermined GPS coordinates!

Getting Weird
Guest Post on We Took The Road Less Traveled | Uncustomary Art 5 Ways To Live Eccentrically
I embrace my weirdness, and believe an eccentric life is the best kind. I encourage you to try something silly or strange this week, and I'd love to hear what you do! If nothing else, it will make for a great photo-op and memory for you (and whoever witnesses it)! Examples of weird things I've done have been "drinking" Windex out of the bottle, dressing up like a Troll doll and hanging out on a bridge, and covering myself in temporary tattoos. I touch on a lot of these topics (and way more) in my e-mail subscription "Inspiration For Your Inbox". Today I'm going to be giving away one of those subscriptions (that you can choose to be delivered to you daily or weekly) as well as one month of my Monthly Marvels surprise package subscription ($30 value).

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So never let anything get in the way of your joy! Being happy and positive is a choice and a skill. And feel free to be my friend online! Thanks for having me today!



  1. Exploring locally is such a great idea! Chances are there are places in your local area that you've never been to/eaten at/checked out - you really don't have to go far to explore somewhere new!

  2. So cute! I love all of these!


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