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Jan 14, 2015

Salzburg, Austria: Part 2

I just spent the morning going through all the photos I have from our Salzburg weekend (all 802 of them!) and I love way too many of them just to share two posts. Old Town is gorgeous and full of such incredible history, but the mountainous landscape surrounding the city is simply breathtaking. The Austrian Alps are truly an item that should be on everyone's bucket list. If you can ski the Alps, that's the ideal way to go, but experiencing the views of such an iconic city juxtaposed against snow capped mountains is a great compromise. I went photo crazy our morning at Salzburg Castle. It was so hard not to! The clouds and fog from the early morning were still lingering along the base of the mountain range when we got to the castle's vista. As the day progressed, the fog dissipated and we got totally different Alpine views. It was unbelievable (I'll share more in my next post). Until then...here are a few more photos of the Old Town leading up to our funicular ride.

 I have to admit, aside from watching the mountain scenery change with the day, one of the coolest things we did while in Salzburg was ride the funicular from Old Town up to Fortress Hohensalzburg (Salzburg Castle). We are big fans of "getting high" and seeing cities from the highest vantage point we can easily get to. I always recommend taking this approach when visiting a new city. Such a great way to get your bearings and be wowed at the same time! You can take the funicular round-trip for 8 euro, or you can combine your ride with a castle tour (what we did) for 11.30 euro. Such a perfect way to spend half a day in Salzburg!

More from Salzburg Castle to come...
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  1. Scrolling through the pics, totally thought I saw the McDonald's arches in the castle- 7th one. I've been to Salzburg before but it has been so long…I can't wait to go back!

  2. Ah these are such beautiful photos and make me anxious to travel again! We've never been to Austria, so maybe we will add it to the list!! :)

  3. Just wrote an article on Salzburg too! It's absolutely incredible! Great photos, you really captivate its character and charm :) nomoneywilltravel.com

  4. Breathtaking! I really need to go there.

  5. What a DREAM trip! Absolutely breathtaking!

  6. amazing pictures!!! I agree - I always try to prioritize going to a spot high above the city so I can take in the whole scene + the surrounding area. Always gives such great perspective and makes for some awesome photos. :) love your travel stories!

  7. Exploring new place in new location is always very interesting and exciting..this place looks great for vacation.

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  8. We were lucky enough to make it to Salzburg from Munich, and it was so lovely! Lunch and wine on top of a castle was one of my favorite memories. :)


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