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Aug 15, 2014

Refreshing Fresh Face Friday...

This might be my new favorite photo of D. No happier man than a man on vacation! I can't wait to get my iMac back so I can start sharing our Adriatic cruise photos with you. That vaycay feels like forever ago! Anywho...we made it to Friday, y'all. Whew! I hope you all had a nice, productive, fun-filled week, wherever in the world you are! We have another set of guests visiting with us this weekend...D's parents! D hasn't seen them in over a year, so needless to say he's on Cloud 9 hanging out with his dad and being spoiled by his momma. I've enjoyed watching them reconnect and getting to spend some quality family time with them myself! 

I'm sure you've noticed, but there's no Fresh Face link up this week. In an effort to keep my load light and my sanity intact as we finish out the last steps of this transatlantic transition (i.e.-OUR STUFF IS BEING DELIVERED ON MONDAY!!!!! CUE THE HALLELUJAH CHORUS!!!)...I decided to reintegrate FFF back into my blogging routine a bit slower than normal (every 2 weeks instead of hosting once a week). Half to see how it would do again, and half to not overwhelm myself with too much at one time. So far, the response has been pretty good and I'm only hoping it will continue to grow as blog land awakens from its summer stupor. Tell me you guys have noticed how dead-as-door-nails this place has been recently? Like tap-tap-tap, is this thing on? Anywho, I feel like an upswing for blog world should be happening any day now, so I'll be revving up FFF with a new feature. Starting September 5th, I'll be trying out some writing prompts along with the blog hop! Now, don't freak out...it'll be fun!

How it will work:
1| I'll give a writing prompt a week before FFF goes live every other Friday. 
(Example-I'll be giving you a prompt today that will be the writing topic for the blog hop on September 5th. On Sept 5th, I'll give you your topic for the hop on September 19th.)

2| You write a blog post on the topic. You've basically got 2 weeks to brainstorm & write away. Easy peasy.

3| Link up that specific blog post to the FFF Blog Hop.

4| Hop around, read posts, mix & mingle, and meet new-to-you bloggers!

Boom. Fresh Face Friday freshened up a bit. :) September will be a trial run for this whole writing prompt thing. Why am I even changing the format? Because sometimes it's hard to find things to write about. I get "bloggers block" more than I care to admit most days. At least this way, we all have one day a week where we'll know exactly what to write about! If it sucks and bloggers start showing up at my door for a Casey-lynching, then well, we'll go back to the no-prompt approach. I'm not one to try and make a round peg fit into a square hole. Hopefully, we'll all have some good stories to share, sharpen up our writing skills, and have some flippin' fun!

So, all that being said...wanna know your first writing topic for September 5th?!

Tell me about the greatest trip of your life.
It could be a family vacation, a mission trip, a big move abroad, a honeymoon...tell me about any trip you've taken (foreign or domestic) that left a long lasting impression on you. A trip of a lifetime, a vacation you can't stop bragging about, a trip you still talk about to this day...I WANNA KNOW! Make sure to add in fab pictures, because if this was the greatest trip of your life, we're gonna wanna see it!

Everyone got it? Good! If you've got topics you'd love to write about for future FFF, leave me your suggestions in the comments section...and I'll meet you back here September 5th for even more Fresh Face Friday fun! Want to be one of my Fresh Faces for September, you still have time to grab your spot at $5 OFF with code LETSPARTY! Happy weekending, friends!


  1. Personally I think it's a great idea. Always "meeting" new bloggers and such!


    So if anyone tries to hang you for it, I'll defend you to the death!

  3. I love a good prompt and agree blogging in summer is not what it is like the rest of the year!


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