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Aug 5, 2014

10 Instagram Accounts I Can't Get Enough Of

It's no surprise that I'm a huge fan of Instagram. I don't go a day without checking the thing...or heck, even posting a gram of my own. I remember downloading the app the first night we were in the Army Lodge on German soil. Crazy, right? My Instagram obsession began just as our adventure abroad started. I have 3 entire years of travel and experiencing life in Germany documented within Instagram posts. From Switzerland to Morocco and everything in between. It's become such a fun part of my life. Is that a weird thing to say about a social media app? Probably. We are, after all, way too dependent on technology. But I think if Instagram didn't exist, I wouldn't have been able to share our story with so many people in a virtual instant. I wouldn't have pushed myself to make certain moments more spectacular...climbing to that higher vista, trying that new food, staying late to catch that perfect sunset. Instagram is more than just posting selfies. To me, it's about connecting with people through common interests, keeping up with loved ones, cultivating happiness, and inspiring others to get out and experience all this big beautiful world has to offer. 

Since joining the Instagram phenomenon, I've come across quite a few accounts that keep me coming back for more each day. Some feeds are just plain cute, others keep me in stitches with every post. Some inspire me to be a better cook, get that wanderlust revved up in me, or are just a smattering of beautiful images that bring me joy. Every feed is unique, but here are 10 Instagram accounts that I currently can't get enough of:


1// @bevcooks
  Bev not only cooks brilliantly beautiful meals, but she also cooked up some seriously delicious babies. Her twins (Nat & Will) are always getting into trouble, giving Bev the perfect opportunities to snap photos worthy of the witty commentary she adds in the taglines. I snort-laugh at every single one. Her blog is also a total hoot. I only wish I was half as clever as she!

Need encouragement or a boost of inspiration daily? This is the feed to dive into. I'm constantly renewed by the verses and little life tidbits Jess shares. Her love for the Lord and servant's spirit is evident within every post, both on Instagram and on her blog. I've even got a few custom verse prints from her shop hanging on our gallery wall!

 A weimaraner (Harlow) & dachshund (Indiana) dynamic doggie duo that is almost too much adorableness for me to take. I've never witnessed such different dogs have such a sweet connection. And their owners always come up with some super fun ways to show them off. Love cute pups and need a good laugh? This is the feed to follow.

 Shalyn just oozes exclamation points, glitter, and rainbows. All day, errday...and I love it! Lots of positivity, go-get 'em attitude, and super pretty photos all up in this feed. Shay and her hubby are also just about the most adorable couple I've ever seen. And she has a hedgehog. No, really! If her feed doesn't get you "Pharrell-happy", then nothing will.

A girl after my own heart & beer glass. Fun, witty, traveling-fool with an IG feed full of wanderlust-worthy snaps. I only wish we'd had the chance to meet up while we were both living in Europe. Good thing planes work in America, too...right, Annie? ;)

Lauren is a girl who I feel like I could be--if I had a cute London flat, rockin' fashion sense, and an adorable baby girl named Viola, of course. Since I can't be her, I'll settle for "ooing" & "ahhing" over her fab life abroad via Instagram. I'm always thrilled to see her photos pop up in my feed. She is one badass mama, too...toting around a toddler to all corners of the world. She gives this someday mama lots of hope for a life full of baby kisses AND travel. Proof you can have the best of both worlds!

Beautiful food and witty commentary. Two of my favorite things in the entire world. I think I've pinned every recipe she's ever posted (visit her food blog here). I'm not obsessed or anything.

Gorgeous photography, styling, fashion sense, and a jovial voice...what's not to love about Miss Amanda?! I love being inspired by her beautiful images and taking a peek into her everyday life as a stylist and photographer in Texas. She's just an all around lovely soul to follow.

Formerly expats in Korea, now Chelsea and her husband are RVing around the USA chronicling their new-found life of stateside adventure. Doesn't everyone want to pack up their life and RV across America? I know I do. I'll be following along for every mile!

Husband and wife team (hence why they snag one spot together) that travel the world taking some pretty dope photos. If I could have an ounce of their talent, I'd be set for life. Follow their blog for even more delicious travel goodness. Warning: becoming green with envy is a common side effect from viewing this feed.

Annndd honorary feed #11// @caseycote!!
Follow along with my most favorite feed...my own! Shameless, I know. Lots of beaches, Disney visits, European throwback photos, and everyday snap of life here by the sea. Come play! :)

Tell me, any favorite Instagram feeds you can't get enough of? 
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  1. Thanks so much for including me Casey! It's such an honor to be up there with such amazing accounts!

  2. I love your Instagram. It's so fun to follow you and D on all of your adventures. It did make me take a look at my own Instagram feed and found a lot of pictures of beer, mountains/hikes, and throwback Thursday photos. Might be time to change that up a bit. You can always find me @bringtheawesome.

  3. ...I have yet to get an Instagram, but when I do, I'll take these feeds into consideration--thanks for the suggestions, :-)!!...

    Betty J. Ogburn

  4. Ohhhhh all of these tickle my fancy for sure! I'm obsessed with #2, #5, #6! But, my all time favorite definitely hast to be #11! :) Thanks for sharing and adding to my Instagram addiction!

  5. I'm a huge fan of your insta & have found some great profiles through you! Mine's ok too ;) you can find me at genevievethruthelookingglass xx

  6. yay! I added every single one, I love upping my IG with fun awesome people.

  7. Some of these I already follow but I can't wait to check out the others! Thanks for sharing!!
    :) Rebecca

  8. thank you for the suggestions. I love instagram!

  9. I love this! I, too, am a big fan of the Manchiks! Funnily enough I posted something similar today on my blog — thank you for some more suggestions!!

  10. I love your instagram account, @yogagirl and @vorstadtprinzessin :)

  11. Oh I love a pretty IG page. I've been cutting down on the ones I see because of their boring photos... mean, I know, because most of mine are pretty boring (I think today all I've posted is a photo of a blender lol). IG is one of my fave apps!!

  12. @parisinfourmonths will make your mouth water for the city of love!

  13. I also joined Instagram the week we moved to Germany, so the past 2 years of our life here has been documented and is all tucked into that little app. I love it.

    ALSO, I just learned about ChatBooks, an app that puts together books of your Instagram pictures. They are limited to 60 page volumes, which is the downside, but volumes are only $6 a piece and you can choose which pictures to include or exclude AND (my favorite part) you can change the captions (so if you didn't want hashtags or @s in there or you just feel like a dork looking at what you said about a picture you took a year ago). Anyways, just thought I'd pass it along because I'm loving it and the ease/convenience factor (and who has time to make those shutterfly or mixbook photobooks?!)

  14. I think I have become addicted to instagram when I explored all those food, fit and travel accounts. Thanks for the tips! :)


  15. I think you would also love @julianeberry. She is a Paris photog (she took my wedding photos) and her shots are amazing.

  16. I followed some of the people. I am addicted to instagram too.


  17. Instagram is by far my favorite social media app. I always love yours! Thanks for the recs! (I so love @aspiringkennedy!)

  18. Aspiring Kennedy is definitely one of my faves too! Adorable family they are!

  19. we follow many of the same people. I also love seeing Goodnightmoon6 's england adventures! oh how I long to live abroad.

  20. Aww I love these feeds! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Not gonna lie, yours is a part of my top 10 list. Also, because of your #cruisingwiththeCotes my fiance and I decided on a similar cruise for our honeymoon!

  22. I don't do instagram I just don't have time

  23. Ever since I got a new ipad for my birthday Fredrik keeps going o let me guess you need to take a picture for instagram first....

  24. yours is definitely in my top ten :) a new (maybe?) one for you: @nannerburns, the happiest girl in Boston!

  25. RIGHT.

    Casey, you diamond amongst gems. Much love to you girl!


  26. Thank you for sharing!!! I'm following youuuu!


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