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Mar 8, 2014

Interactive Packing List: Ireland Getaway

Ever wonder what my suitcase looks like on our travels around Europe? Well, today I've got a sneak peek of a few things we'll be bringing along with us for our trip to Ireland in just 2 short weeks! 

Typically, I'm the worst at packing. You'd think with all the traveling we do I'd turn into some kind of 'packing guru' or something, but no. I tend to overpack for two reasons: 1) European weather changes with the drop of a hat. One second it's cold and raining, the next, I'm frantically searching for my sunglasses and wishing I hadn't worn such a thick sweater. Annnd 2) I'm an indecisive dresser. I pack a wide variety of pants/shirts/scarves/shoes because I know once I get to whatever destination we're visiting, I'll get a vibe and decide at least 2 out of the 5 outfits I brought aren't "right" for the wearing. I might be clinically insane, it's true. But I'm also sure many other girls can relate to this. Sometimes that dress just doesn't go with the scenery…or with that pint of beer and tub of fries I ate at the pub late last night, but that's neither here nor there. A girl's gotta have options, and I'm the queen of them while traveling. Of course, my overpacking is met with quite a bit of annoyance and nagging from my male travel companion--"Why is your suitcase SO HEAVY?! Do you really NEED all those shoes. You only have two feet!" Yadda, yadda. You can blame Lufthansa and their gracious 50 lb. weight limit, because you bet your bottom dollar I'm gonna use every last pound of it!

In my defense, for weekend trips, I'm a modest packer. D and I usually share a carry-on bag just fine. It's the long trips over multiple designations (i.e. cruises) that make me a packing nightmare. One of my goals this year is to pack smarter. So far, I've been a good girl and only packed what I truly needed…and not a pair of shoes more. I have to say, while hard to stick to, this more streamlined way of packing has made our load lighter and easier to manage. I'm beginning to become a fan of simple packing (although this row is still a tough one to hoe). This interactive packing list has been a fun tool to help keep me on track and really visualize what to pack and what to leave home. And now you can see a few of the items I'm bringing along to our Irish adventure! If you click on any of the items in the list, you can see where to buy it, pricing, and why I love it. Neat, huh?! While this particular packing list is carry-on friendly, I'm sure I'll be adding much more to my suitcase once our trip gets closer. What can I say? I'm a packing work in progress. :)

[A big, huge thank you to the kind folks over at Round the World Experts for creating this fun app to display our packing list on the blog! For researching and booking flights around the world, give them a visit!]


  1. Love this idea, how fun! Where in Ireland are you guys visiting? I grew up there so may be slightly biased, but it is truly one of the most beautiful places :)

  2. Fun stuff! I've been eyeing up a Kelly Moore bag (the B-Hobo) for years! But now I went and looked at the 2 Sues one and think I'm going to switch to that one! Hoping to get it for my birthday this year. Thanks for sharing your travel essentials!

  3. I love Ireland! Have a fabulous time!

  4. Oh, your comments on the European weather couldn't be any more true for Ireland. The weather was totally crazy! I was there for only four short days and I was lucky to see the sun shining everyday but the weather changed really quickly. In less than 15 minutes the sun would be gone and rain would be pouring heavily ( thank god for all the cute cafés to shelter with a warm cuppa) and the wind was freezing! But even then, Dublin was lovely, I'm sure you'll love it :)
    Have a nice weekend and take it easy with packing! xo

  5. I am going to try and pack in a backpack for our trip to Stockholm since are taking the train and I hate having to leave my suitcase where I cannot see it, we will see how I stick to it though but I am thinking legging will make it easy!

  6. Two weeks til you visit my most dream favorite place! Remind the D of my birthday present he will buy for me whille you're there. Miss you much, love you more!!

  7. I'm an indecisive packer too, it gives me so much anxiety to think that I may be in a situation where I don't have what I need. Have fun in Ireland!

  8. I'm the worst packer too! That app thing is really cool.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  9. Don't forget an umbrella! :) We were in Ireland in November, the start of the rainy season. We lucked out and only used it once, but we still took it everywhere, just in case! :)

  10. How fun is this?! I'd love to try out the app. :)


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