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Mar 3, 2014

Falling in Love with Barcelona & Rachel Boulevard [GIVEAWAY!]

Hola from España!

My name is Rachel. I am an American, wife, Mom of two, and expat currently living in Barcleona, Spain. My blog, Rachel Boulevard, is a lifestyle and travel blog about our adventures abroad.

I was so excited to see that Casey and her husband were able to see little bits of our beautiful city when they started their cruise. Barcelona is such an easy city to fall in love with and here is why:

1. There are hidden gems around every corner. You can read all the travel books available about Barcleona but you will still be surprised by something. One such gem is the 13 geese that reside at the Cathedral de Barcelona. 

2. There is simply so much to do and see. Whether it be touring the the unique buildings done by local artist, Gaudi or walking the streets of the old town, Barri Gotic. We've been here for 8 months and still have so much more to explore. 

3. There are a countless amounts of easy and spectacular day trips from the city. For example, within an hour you can be on top of Monserrat Mountain viewing the gorgeous natural rock formations & ancient Catalan monastery. 

4. The FOOD. Although paella is the first thing people think about when coming to Barcelona, it's actually a Valencian dish. That doesn't mean, you shouldn't try it in Barcelona. It's amazing!  However, the regional food is just as incredible and many tourists don't get to taste the real local Catalan food. It consists of botifarras (Catalan sausages), pan a tomate (toast with garlic, olive oil and tomato puree) and panellets (small pastries made with ground pine nuts). 

As a side note, are you wondering what "Catalan" is yet?! This region is called Catalyuna and it has a very VERY unique culture than the rest of Spain. The region even has it's own language (very different from Spanish & Castellano) called Catalan. 

Ya know, living abroad isn't always easy but when the culture shock wears down, it really is a beautiful experience. 


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Good luck to all! :)
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  1. Oh, I have been to Barca and I really really really love Monserrat. Made me think of Greece. Another thing I really enjoyed was the lovely Chocolate Museum ;) Hidden gem, I tell ya!

  2. The pictures above look amazing. I adore traveling and I have seen quite a few places in the Caribbean and America but I would love to venture out to Europe and Asia. One of the place at the top of my life is Barcelona. It looks like such a beautiful city.

  3. Have not yet been to Barcelona (or Spain for that matter) but have heard countless great things about the city including the great beach vibe and Gaudi architecture. It's "on the list"!

  4. I'll be visiting Barcelona for the first time in June!

  5. I LOVE Barcelona! La Sagrada Famiglia was my favorite, so tricky to sketch but so worth the hours it took!

  6. Love the last sentence, expat life isn't always easy but it can be a beautiful experience!

  7. Just went to barcelona last summer!! I loved the beach and the cathedral :)

  8. I've been to Barcelona once on a trip in high school. I spent 13 days in Spain. It was beautiful! I loved it there!

  9. I went to Barcelona in 2006 and I loved it! My favorite thing about Barcelona was the food! I loved the Tapas and Seafood Paella we got!

  10. I have never been to Barcelona, but would love to visit!! I did my 7th grade Spanish class report on the city =)

  11. I stopped in Barcelona on my much-too-brief study abroad trip in college. I'd love to go back!

  12. I have never been to Barcelona but have plans to in the next few years! It looks like such a gorgeous city!!

  13. Even though i have been studying in the south of Spain i haven't managed to go & see Barcelona yet. Can you imgine?! I would love to go either this or the next year for at leats a short trip. I have seen so many pictures of the city, that i just need to be there myself. :)

  14. I went to Barcelona for the 2nd time this past October (my new hubby took me there as part of our honeymoon knowing how much I LOVE Spain) and I think I fell in love with it even more than I had the first time I was there. Such a beautiful city! Spain definitely has my heart!

  15. I would love to go to Barcelona :) My email is perezashley60@hotmail.com

  16. Love Rachel's blog! Definitely have never been to Barcelona, but one day I hope!

  17. Absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Barcelona. I can't wait to revisit Spain. It was far too short last time. Everything Gaudi is pretty much mind-blowing. <3 Amazing!


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