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Apr 1, 2013

Monday Morning Musings

Happy Easter Monday, everyone!

I hope you all had a wonderfully blessed Easter filled with deviled eggs, chocolate bunnies, and fellowship with your close friends & family members! We spent Saturday and Sunday down at Ramstein celebrating Christ's resurrection with two of our dearest friends, Matt & Jenny. We dyed eggs (something I haven't done in YEARS!), ate bunny shaped sweet breads (Germans are so clever), and attended an amazing Easter Sunday service where not 1, not 2, but 12 new Christ followers proclaimed their faith and were baptized! God is SO GOOD! It was such a moving celebration that I found myself in tears multiple times. Especially when the Airmen who just returned from Afghanistan who found Christ in the sandbox told his story and was baptized. So moving. I simply can't watch men cry and not get emotional. Even worse when it's a military man! Geez. I must admit, it's such a blessing to know that even though we're far away from home and can't be with our families during the holidays, we can still carry on our holiday traditions with special friends who've become family. Even the Easter Bunny found us although we were far from home! :)

On a less amusing note, today, I've GOT to clean our mess of an apartment. After being gone all weekend and not having done a darn bit of cleaning since coming back from the states (I know, eww), our place could use a good wash down. Like, with a fire hose. I hate cleaning with a passion, but know it must be done. And today's the day! *Who am I kidding, I'll probably make it 5 minutes and realize I missed the last episode of Dancing with the Stars and my day would be shot after that*

Anywho, a few last things before I leave to go watch TV clean...
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So, how were your Easter celebrations? Was the Easter Bunny good to you, too?


  1. so happy yo had a good Easter hope your week is an awesome one

  2. sounds like you had an awesome easter weekend! i need to do some cleaning myself...i really don't want to...

  3. 12 people!? wow! That's amazing!! Have fun cleaning!! That's ALL we did Saturday!!

  4. Awh I love this! That's so awesome that 12 people proclaimed their faith and were baptized, God is SO GREAT. Hope you have a fantastic Monday, darlin'!

  5. What a wonderful Easter you had, love the pictures. :)

  6. I hope you had a great Easter! That is SO amazing that 12 people gave their lives to Christ on Easter Sunday!

  7. Happy (belated) Easter! It looks like you had a great one! I was sad to not dye any Easter eggs this year!! :(

    And good luck cleaning your apartment!! How do messes accumulate so quickly?? LOL

  8. Looks like a wonderful Easter and gotta be thankful for that extra little Easter Monday holiday Germany adds. That ceremony sounds incredible!! It was weird traveling during Easter - we barely even noticed the holiday :/

  9. Ya'll are so cute!

  10. What a fun Easter celebration!
    And girl, I'm with you on the cleaning! I was out of town for the long weekend, just got back and in two days I'm headed out again. My house looks like a pig pen got sucked up and spit out by a tornado!

  11. This has nothing to do with your post, but you should do a tutorial on how you get your hair to look so pretty.

    12 new believers?!? That is awesome!


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