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Apr 17, 2013

WANTED: Guest Posts!

As many of you know, D and I will be setting said for a fabulous 12-day Mediterranean cruise in just a matter of weeks! We are BEYOND excited as this trip has been on both of our bucket lists for a while and we've been feverishly planning every detail for the last 2 months. Since we'll be galavanting around Europe, we both plan on being unplugged for the duration of the trip (mostly because internet rates on board are INSANELY expensive), but hopefully we will be able to find WiFi around our ports and in internet cafes for those much awaited instagram updates. With all that being said, things will be pretty silent around these parts while we're gone. I've got a couple of scheduled posts in the works, but with so many days away, I feel like I need a bit more vacation blog padding. That's where you guys come in!! 


That's right...I'm opening up 5 SPOTS for anyone in blogland to come share anything on their heart on my blog for a day while I'm away. These spots will cost $15 a piece and include a 300 x 175 spot on my sidebar for 15 days from May 4th to May 18th. You can guest post on any topic under the sun (ahem...as along as it's PG and falls in line with my blog theme and values), or take the opportunity just to introduce you and your blog during your post. It's really up to you! All I ask is that you make sure it's quality work with fun photos and lots of personality! Not too hard to do, right? ;)

Just so you know, I will not be accepting any other form of paid sponsorship for the month of May, so this is a great opportunity for some low-cost, quality exposure for you and your creative space! As mentioned above, there are only 5 of these spots available, so head on over to my sponsor page and snag your spot via Passionfruit Ads. Once you've secured your spot, you will receive an email from me with more info and a date your post will be scheduled to go live on my blog. You will need to email me your guest post in HTML form by May 1st AT THE VERY LATEST! And once these spots are gone...they're gone. So, get them while they're hot! Good thing for you I have another cruise coming up in July, so you might just see this offer again later!

Thanks for your help, guys! Happy hump day!


  1. Bummed I missed this, but excited to see what is in store! :)

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