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Apr 18, 2012

Heidelberg Round Two

One of our very first day trips after arriving to Germany last June was to Heidelberg. We were fresh off the plane from the states and eager to get exploring the country we were going to call home for the next 3 years. I had my Rick Steves guidebook (bible) in hand and out the hotel door we went...completely on our own. No tour guide, big language barrier, and the fear of the unknown practically plagued our day there. Needless to say, I was on edge the whole time. I didn't really enjoy our first trip to Heidelberg to the absolute fullest. So, when our good friends who just PCSed here asked us to join them on their first trip to Heidelberg, we couldn't say no! I desperately needed a re-do!

Instead of heading straight to the famous castle, we took some time to walk around Heidelberg a bit...just taking in the sights, the sounds, and the ambiance of this history packed town along the River Neckar.

Our sweet friends - Matt & Jenny

Before going on any day trip around Germany, I often consult a myriad of travel books and tourist review websites...most notably my beloved Rick Steves books and TripAdvisor. TripAdvisor has excellent lists of "Things to Do" in any given city around the world. Not to mention, each attraction is given a rank based on traveler reviews. Brilliant, right? That's how I stumbled upon the Bergbahn Funicular that takes you on a train ride up one of the tallest hills in Heidelburg. It makes 3 stops...one at the entrance to Heidelberg Schloss (castle), one at some other lookout point (obviously we didn't explore that stop), and one at the Königstuhl (the King's Chair) located at the tippy top of the hill. Of course, we picked the windiest day to ride all the way to the top. We froze our bums off, but were rewarded with a birds eye view of Heidelberg. Did I mention the funicular to the top was like the cutest little wooden train I'd ever seen? Darling, I tell ya.

After braving the cold atop Königstuhl, we rode down the funicular to the entrance of the castle. At this point, we were hungry and freezing, so we took solace inside of a cozy Burgerkeller. A few kaffes mit Baileys, Hefeweizen's, and warm apfelstrudels later, we were back on our feet and ready to tackle the castle.

Inside the castle there is a little wine cellar. I shouldn't really say 'little' wine cellar, mostly because it houses two of the largest wine barrels I'd ever seen. You can even walk on top of one of them. Now that's my kind of wine barrel! And of course, what would be a visit to a wine cellar without sampling some of the castle's own grape? Blasphemy, that's what! Good thing we managed to savor a few glasses before heading back down into Old Town Heidelberg.

The funicular had been ridden and the castle was explored...the only thing left to do was stuff our faces some more. When in Germany, right?! I mean, who could turn down €1 gelato? No one, that's who.

Go to Heidelberg. Like, right now. Seriously, it's a really great town. So great that it's the only place in Germany that D and I have ever visited twice. Believe me, that's a big deal. Enjoy the sights, the culture, the people...and of course the delicious food & wine. Just tell them Casey sent ya. :)


  1. When I go visit I want to go there, please. It looks adorable and so....German! I'm digging the processing you used on your photos, by the way.

  2. LOVED Heidelberg when we went for their Xmas market!

  3. great pics! what do you use to edit them, if at all? would you believe we haven't been to heidelberg yet? we need to get on it!

  4. Wow what an amazing city! These photos are really stunning. I haven't been to Heidelberg yet but you have totally convinced me!

  5. So eerie... I've been to Heidelberg several times as a child when we used to live in Germany, and that second picture (among others) was an exact image I have in my head. My family and some others camped out exactly where you were probably standing when you took that picture, to watch the castle being lit up... I can't remember if it was Christmas lights or a reenactment of some sort of fire or something, but I do have that memory, clear as day! Glad you shared these. :)

  6. I love Heidelberg! I lived there for six weeks in 2010 doing a language school program. Just because of timing I haven't been back yet - but I will, eventually!

    Found you through the blogger map!

    <3 Daryl
    Roots, Wings, & Other Things.

  7. Love the views from the Castle, but otherwise I gotta say the castle is completely overrated haha.

  8. Omg where are you stationed in Germany?! We just got here a few weeks ago so youll have to let me know your favorite places to go! Weve been sticking to Mainz, Frankfurt, and Wiesbaden so far but want to head out farther next weekened!

  9. Wow, looks like loads of fun! Will have to consider dropping by sometime this summer :)

  10. Thanks for the pics, they are so attractive, they convinced us to go there for our next roadtrip !

  11. we're heading there in April! thanks for the pictures, it looks incredible!

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  13. The trip seems to be very good, you have captured many memories, we are also planning to travel Germany and now with the help of your blog we are sure about our destination that is Germany, we will be getting a family Germany Visa soon and would share our memories as well.


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