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Jun 4, 2012

Tumbleweed Status

Holy cow. How is it possible I haven't written a single post for this here blog in almost 2 MONTHS?!? Seems like insanity, but really, I've barely been in one place for longer than 2 days since the beginning of May. Why? Well, we've been doing what most expats do once summertime hits...TRAVELING!! Most notably engaging in a family vacation of epic proportions (you seriously don't want to miss these posts...coming sometime soon, I swear!) So, blogging, once again, has taken a back seat to exploring Europe and enjoying life. I'm SO not apologizing for my hiatus either. I'll be the first to admit taking time to step back and remove yourself from the blog world does wonders for your soul...creatively and emotionally. I feel 100 lbs. lighter and ready to get back into the swing of things. Seriously, I am! Granted, my tumbleweed status isn't likely to change until Germany starts getting gray and gloomy again come winter, but I do feel compelled to write again...which is much more than I could say 2 months ago.

Oh and a little {exciting!} side note...this precious blog of mine will be undergoing a fabulous facelift in a matter of days! It's a wicked long time coming, but good things come to those who wait, you know?! Happily, not only will you guys see a change in my blog design, but also in the purpose and direction of how I want my little blog to grow and flourish! See, I told you stepping away brings renewal. Feeling my writing mojo returning as we speak!

{Sneak peek!}

Now, I'm off to edit about a bagillion photos from the last 2 months. You think I'm kidding? How does 2,134 frames sound to ya? My computer has never moved so slow.

Thanks for sticking around y'all! Lots of fun to come!


  1. Yay! Excited to see all these pictures and your new blog design!

  2. Woooo! I cant wait to see all the place you have been and that I need to go before winter!

  3. I can't wait to hear your travel updates--I'm looking for travel ideas :) We've only been in Germany for 2 1/2 weeks and we've already been to Luxembourg, France, and the Black Forest, so I'm taking this traveling thing very seriously, haha! Looking forward to hearing more!

  4. missed ya and can't wait to hear more from you soon!

  5. I'm coming back from quite a hiatus too - although not from the luxury of traveling :) Looking forward to living vicariously through your vacation photos!!

  6. Happy to see you blogging again. Your travels make me jealous.


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