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Mar 29, 2012

Baltimore: The City of Firsts

This absolutely wasn't my first trip to Baltimore. In fact, it was somewhere around my 5th. I've flown in and out of Baltimore-Washington International Airport more times in the last 10 months than I've even laid eyes on my own dog. Sad, right? The military seems to love this port of call, so it's been the starting place for many of the greatest adventures of my life thus far. This is the place where I left D, his duffle bag, and my tears when the Air Force took him for his first deployment in 2010. This is the place where we said our first set of goodbyes to my family before moving 4,000 miles across the ocean. Now, this is the place where my mom, little sister, and myself got to spend some quality time together, just the 3 of us, before shipping me off to Germany for the 3rd time. Although Baltimore has been the stage where many goodbye scenes have taken place, I still love coming to visit here. No hard feelings Charm City, swear it! Only fond memories that have given life to some of my bravest moments and greatest journeys. How could you not love a place like that?

{FYI all my nice, fancy camera photos stop here. iPhone tends to be my go-to camera in moving cars and heavily populated areas as to not seem like such a tourist. Does it really make me less conspicuous? Jury's still out on that one.}

When trying to find memorable things to do and see around a city we're visiting, I always tend to gravitate towards activities where food is involved. Call me crazy, but trying out restaurants that are new to me and could potentially have 'outta-this-world' cuisine is just as thrilling as riding a high-speed roller coaster. Both offer a great depth of sensory pleasure and, quite frankly, both could make you throw up. For the record, I'd choose a new restaurant over a roller coaster any day. The likeliness of barfing after trying a new restaurant is significantly lower than riding a roller coaster where I'm concerned.

As soon as we stepped foot into our hotel room, the lil' sis and I Googled "Best Restaurants in Baltimore." A myriad of seafood restaurants and crab shacks bombarded the computer screen. Yeah, Maryland, I get it. You're famous for your crabs. But, guess who's got two thumbs and doesn't like crabs? THIS GIRL! Next, please! Finally we got the bright idea to search for restaurants that had been featured on Triple D. You know, "Diners, Drive-In's, and Dives" on the Food Network with that crazy blonde-haired rocker dude Guy Fieri? Hubs freakin' LOVES that show, so any new place we go he's always re-watching episodes to find a cool place to grab a meal. That's why eating at 5 restaurants featured on Triple D is part of my 30 by 30 list. Hubs would be so proud! Luckliy, Mom and Wendy were also on board and in the mood for brunch, so stumbling upon Baltimore's Blue Moon Cafe seemed like a godsend. Their cafe speciality 'as-seen-on-TV' sounded too good to be true. As soon as we were dressed and ready, off to downtown B'more we went in hunt for THE one and only Captain Crunch French Toast!

I'm positive this place is classified under the 'dive' category, because it's literally a hole in the wall. A pale blue row house sandwiched between miles of brick and mortar. If I hadn't known what I was looking for, I probably would have just passed it by...although I definitely would have been wondering why there were so many people standing outside of it. Guess that was our first tip that this place was going to be good! I walked inside, flagged down the host, and asked how long the wait was. Looking around the restaurant, I assumed it would be long seeing as there were only 8-10 tables in the entire place. Talk about an intimate dining experience. Host said "hour to hour and a half". Wow, was I a good guesser. I hesitantly put our names down on the list and took my grumbling tummy back outside to warn the troops. Mom and Wendy were a little less than thrilled about the wait, but we decided to make the most of it and took a walk around Fell's Point till it was time to reconvene at the Blue Moon Cafe. 1 hour and 15 minutes later, we had ourselves a table!

There's Guy's Triple D stamp of approval! Took us forever to figure out that the spray paint scribble reads "GUY ATE HERE." Clever, ay?

There she is...the long awaited Captain Crunch French Toast! Captain Crunch crusted texas toast topped with cinnamon sugar, fresh berries, and homemade whipped cream. Ho-ly-crap. Seriously folks, it was worth the wait in every conceivable way. Truth be told, I'm not the biggest fan of French Toast. I've found there's a fine line between a good non-eggy tasting toast and a super eggy/soggy toast, so I tend to stay away. This particular French Toast has a batter saturated with vanilla, cinnamon, and heavy cream that seems to hide that over-eggy taste. Not to mention, the addition of crushed up Captain Crunch gives a sweet maple punch to an already decadent breakfast. Syrup was a non-nesessity, but a giant glass of cold milk would have put this dish over the top! Comfort on a plate, ladies and gents. Comfort on a plate. 

While your at it, feast your eyes on what my mom and sister ordered! That's one wicked huge Cinnamon Bun (which was, dare I say it, BETTER than that overpriced mall chain, Cinnabon. Leaps and bounds better!) and a Pesto Sausage Pinwheel with a side of potato cakes and fresh fruit. The pinwheel was also featured on Triple D. Insanely good. It's ok to drool. If you guys ever find yourself in Baltimore with a few hours to spare, kill your hunger pains at the Blue Moon Cafe! One of the greatest meals of my life. No joke.

After stuffing our faces, we still had a few more hours till I was due at the airport, so we drove around Baltimore just to take in the sights. A few of these places might look familiar! Should have just called this post the "Food Network tour of Baltimore," huh?

Wendy wouldn't let me knock...she barely wanted to get out of the car to take this picture with me! I just wanted to ask Duff how he gets his icing so smooth! Kidding. Seriously though, everyone else was parked outside doing the same thing we were. Tourists. :)

M&T Bank Stadium-Home of the Baltimore Ravens

Driving around Baltimore's Inner Harbor. I really wish we would have had time to hop out and explore this area more...it looked so neat!

As quick as it was (and always is), I had a blast roaming around Baltimore. I'm so thankful I got to spend some special time with my mom and sis as well! You're always a gracious host and until next our next visit, Charm City...Keep Cruisin'.


  1. You and your sister look SO much alike!!!

  2. Hi!

    I discovered your blog through Alyx of Every Day is a New Adventure. I'm moving to Germany this summer and I asked her to tell me of any other bloggers she knew that live in Germany and she referred me to you! I'm your newest follower! I look forward to getting a taste of what is to come through your blog!

    I'm also a military wife! My husband is an Army pilot and we'll be at Landstuhl outside of Ramstein.

    I would love to hear of any other Army wife bloggers in Germany that you know of! Would be great to make connections before I even get there!

    I just started my blog last month. I can't wait to add my own European experiences to it when my husband and I move! I would love for you to check it out and follow back if you like it!



  3. Wow, you and your sister looks SO much alike! The 4th picture I legit thought you died your hair!

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