Mar 15, 2012

Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Ok. I know. This trip happened like aggggesss ago. And by ages, I mean July of last year. But seriously, a girl forgets things sometimes. And then she remembers them again. It happens. So, here you go. A recap of our 4th anniversary trip to THE cutest medieval town in all of Germany...

Rothenburg ob der Tauber!
{Lots of photos...consider yourself warned.}

Our hotel! 
Stay here, it's fabulous. They even put a tiny bag of Haribo gummie bears on our pillows at night. Pretty much as German as it gets.

Fairytale view from our window

 Beautiful Rothenburg, "The red fortress above the Tauber River"!

 We had the most memorable dining experience of our lives at this restaurant in Rothenburg. You can read about it in a guest post I wrote here for Jessica Lynn Writes.

The best Käse Spätzle I've ever put into my mouth.

D outside of the Käthe Wohlfahrt Christmas store. That place was like Christmas on crack.

We made a pit stop at the Criminal Museum. It should have been called the torture museum...the photos below will explain.

The view just outside the walls of Rothenburg.

Had to refuel before starting our 1.5 mile walk along the city wall.

Toppler Castle

And thus begins our walk around the wall of Rothenburg...

This place is like a dream!

Dinner on night 2...more spätzle and a swiss steak!

Mein Bier und David's Bier.

Final attraction for the weekend...the Night Watchman's Tour of the city!

The Marktplatz {town square}.

Sigh. I never wanted to leave this place. I'm completely enchanted by Rothenburg. It's a German "must-see." Can't wait to bring my family here this summer!

Auf Wiedersehen, Freunde!


  1. Wow! So gorgeous!

  2. Rothenberg, the inspirational city in the Disney movie Pinocchio!! Its soo gorgeous and one of my favourite city's in Baveria!! I live about half and hour drive from there.
    I'm so exited that you blogged about this.

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