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Oct 17, 2011

Quarter of a Century!

I'm an old fart. Ok, not really...but my 25th birthday WAS yesterday!! WHOO HOO and HOLY MOLY! I can't believe a quarter century of my life has already passed. It's mind boggling, really. And I'm sure my Mom is feeling a bit older now too. Such is life, Mom!

Since many of my faithful followers are my close family and friends, they already know how much birthday's and the month of October mean to me...so let me just get all of you others out in blogville up to speed! My birthday is my 3rd favorite day of the year. First being Christmas and second being Halloween. To be completely honest, I don't expect a big hoopla on my birthday. I don't care for surprises, like at all. So, if you have a surprise for me, it's likely I'll find a way to ruin it. I know, I'm the worst! Ironically enough, that fact just seems to make people (especially my silly husband) want to try and surprise me more. I also don't need a fancy party with lots of acquaintances and lavish gifts. That's just too stressful and birthday's are supposed to be fun and spent with the ones you love. I just want a day where I am told "Happy Birthday!" more times than I can count, I can eat a slice of cake (or two, or three...it's my birthday darn it!), and a fun birthday dinner with my closest friends and family...and maybe a small present sprinkled in here and there. I'd be lying if I said I didn't like getting gifts. Who in their right mind doesn't?

I'd also be lying if I said that my birthday only happened on my actual day of birth. It never does. My birthday seems to last the ENTIRE month of October. And I love that! I tend to start getting birthday emails with special coupons and vouchers from all my favorite stores and restaurants the second October 1st hits the calendar...and that just gets the birthday month a rollin'! One month of birthday bliss...count me in! I'm not complaining! So, now I've pretty much come to expect that each year, much to the dismay of my husband and family. Oh how I can see the eye-rolls now! ;)

The month of October is also my most favorite month of the year. Partly because my birthday is encompassed in it and partly because I LOVE all things fall...the fair comes to town, the leaves start changing, the crisp autumn air, all things pumpkin and spice, new fall wardrobe full of cute boots and cardigans, and of course, Halloween!! Last year, my birthday and my October was almost a total wash. D was deployed and I was feeling sorry for myself. I was basically mourning the loss of my fun October. Thankfully, two of my best girlfriends in Virginia filled my month with lots of wine sleepovers, pumpkin muffins, and a super special surprise birthday party that D helped plan from 1,000 miles away! My October had been saved! This year, my October and my birthday has been PHENOMENAL. Even though we are far away from our loved ones, this birthday has been super special.

 Here is a little recap of my awesome birthday festivities!

Before heading back to Germany (there's us, above, waiting at CLT to board our flight!), my sweet family took me out for a yummy Japanese Hibachi dinner at Arigatos! They give you SO much food there! We ate and ate and still took a giant box home.

Mom made a TO DIE FOR Pineapple Upside-Down Cake for dessert. Even though we all were stuffed from dinner, we made enough room for cake. You can always make room for cake.

Next, it was time for presents! I got some super awesome stuff that I can't wait to use. I'm talkin' yummy Anthropologie perfumes and housewares, a Capri Blue Volcano candle (died!), and an ADORABLE Cloche hat to wear in London from my very fashion forward little sister!

Then, when we finally arrived back in our lovely little flat in Germany, this was what I found waiting for me!

My hubby is AWESOME! He totally surprised me...and I'm so glad he did! That little sneak! He did a great job pulling one over on me, I must admit. He's absolutely the best hubby in the world. I don't know what I did to deserve him! He spoils me rotten! This thing is my new best buddy. My iMac makes blogging and photo editing a freakin' dream! D can hardly get me off the computer anymore...and that kind of a serious thing seeing as I was already on it too much to begin with! He's starting to turn me into an Apple snob. GASP! I know. It's nuts.

Saturday, our good friends here in Germany helped me "ring in" my day of birth! Apparently it's a fun tradition that some German's do to celebrate into your birthday. Everyone gets together for cake and coffee and you blow out the candles at midnight...kind of like ringing in a new year of life! How cool is that! So, we went to Frankfurt and had our first German/Mexican food experience and then rang in my birthday German style!

The food (and margarita) I had was pretty tasty. Not quite the Mexican food I'm used to back home, but not bad for Germany! As you can see, the portions were definitely American style. Nice way to make a girl feel right at home. Ugh. :)

Finally, it was my birthday! See, I told you... all of the goodness above happened before it was even my birthday! They should seriously just call it "Casetober." Anyone? No? Oh well. Either way I have the best friends and family ever! So, Sunday D and I woke up this this phenomenal morning view from our flat:

I mean, c'mon. Germany in the fall in breathtaking already! What a happy sunshiny birthday I was about to have. It only got better because D ordered me back to bed and then presented me with these:

Birthday eggies!! I love that he stuck candles in my toast. What a clever little fella. We spent most of the day relaxing. That evening we made lots of fattening food, because it was Sunday after all...and Sunday means Panthers football! Mmm hmmm, we are Panther's fans...especially D. He lives and breathes Cam Newton and pigskin. We donned our panthers T's and fired up the Slingbox (LOVE that contraption) to watch our boys hopefully pull out a W. D even worn his "lucky" red shorts, to which I stated that they must not be that lucky, referencing the season they had last year and they way they've been playing as of late. That comment got me a mean face, so I took it back. Sadly, our boys did not win (ahem, red shorts), but loyal fans we'll always be...no matter how bad they suck. :)

As you can see, best birthday ever. When I think about all the love I've been shown over the last few weeks, it makes my heart smile. I am so blessed to have the friends and family that I do. Thank you all, 100 times over! I seriously couldn't have ask for a more perfect birthday month. 

And uh oh! What's this?! It's not even over yet!? NOPE! The birthday festivities continue on Thursday as we jet off for 4 days in jolly old England! London to be exact!! Cherrio!


  1. happy birthday!!!! My birthday is this month and my husband bought me a macbook pro (i got it early)... must be something in the water ;)

  2. Happy Birthday! Looks like you have had an AWESOME month of celebrating! Have a great time in London!!!

  3. @e@thisnotedlife
    Thank you!! Hope you have a great birthday as well!

  4. @Jessica
    Thank you, Jessica! I did have a pretty fabulous birthday because of so many wonderful people! And I DEFINITELY can't wait to head to London!! YAY!

  5. Happy belated birthday! Do you seriously love your iMac? We've been discussing getting one...hopefully by the end of the year we'll be proud owners of one. ;)

  6. @ALW
    Thank you!! I do love it...love love love it! I got on my hubbys dell laptop last night and had already forgotten how to right click to cut and paste things (because you do that differently on a mac)! You won't regret it when you buy it, promise!


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