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Oct 18, 2011

It's Flat-tastic!

The thought drifted across my mind last night that I might not have shown you guys the awesomeness that is our little German flat. To confirm that notion, I skimmed through my posts only to find I was right! I'd only given you guys a little sneak peak into our new home. Shame on me! German housing is SO much different than what we're used to in the states. I'm talking cramped, minimal, no-closet living. But that will come in another post. For now (without further a due), here is our little slice of the German pie we call home!

This is our building! We live on the 2nd floor. Below us lives our landlord and his cute family and above us lives a fellow American Army soldier. I'm in love with how cute this place is from the outside. All the houses on our street look similar to this.

This is the gate into our building. Feels like I'm walking into a secret garden some days. Minus the trash can. The other photo is the view from our balcony out front. This was taken back in the summer, but right now the leaves are changing. It's even more breathtaking, if that is possible!

This is the entrance and the foyer of our home...which is now also the dining room. That bright idea came to me in a dream one night, no lie. You've got to be innovative with your space when it's lacking. To the right is a guest bedroom, straight ahead is the master bedroom, to the left is the living room and behind where I was standing to take the photo is the bathroom, 3rd bedroom, and kitchen. We also like to call this room Grand Central Station.

This is the master bedroom! I love the cutout in the wall, which is exactly where our bed is positioned. I also am in love with the ornate moulding and the ceiling medallions in each room. They are stunning and add such character to our home. Our landlord asked us if we would prefer he put alternate lighting in each room because some people think his chandeliers are pretentious. I said, "NO WAY!" It would be the same flat without them!

This is the living room...one of my favorite rooms in the flat. This room is also where you can find our cherub crown moulding and another beautiful chandelier. The natural lighting is absolutely wonderful. We only ever turn our lights on when it's dark outside, saving us lots of money on our already outrageous electric bill. I seriously don't understand how it can be so high when we have no A/C. And to be such a "green" country. It's mind boggling. The living room also gives way to a small platformed sunroom with attached balcony. We have turned that area into my little home office and reading nook. The almost complete wall of windows was a major selling feature.

Next up is another one of my favorite rooms...the kitchen!! It's all modern and IKEAed out. LOVE it! It's black and white...the exact colors of my kitchen back home, so it matches all my stuff perfectly! And bonus! Check out the cute little balcony that juts off the kitchen. It overlooks the garden. I mean, really...could this place be any cooler? Oh and ahem, please excuse all the moving clutter. I promise, it doesn't look like that now. 

Moving along, here are photos of the two guest bedrooms. I know, we're nuts. We brought 3 mattresses to try and squeeze into a tiny European apartment. To be honest, we are expecting a lot of guests. Expecting is the key word. I truly hope to have as many guest as we've been told we will have. We endured a lot of stress toiling over finding a home big enough for entertaining guests, so it would be a shame for it to go to waste. Heck, I might just sleep in each bed just to ease my mind! Either way, "Hotel Coté" is now open for business!!

This guest room is right off the living room and the kitchen. Perfect for those guests who crave a late night snack or need a Jimmy Fallon fix.

This guest room...well...it's...cozy. Right off the dining room a.k.a Grand Central Station and has a lovely view of the...um...house next door. Great for those who appreciate industrial lighting! Did I mention it's cozy? Beggars can't be choosers, right?

Now on to the final room on our tour. I HATE this room. Ok, hate is a strong word. I dislike his room. I'm hoping it will start to grow on me as I make it my own. I shipped 4 boxes full of bathroom storage (because, as I've mentioned before, there are no closets...all my tampons, medicines, and razors are displayed on built in shelves for the world to see!), towels, and decor to doctor this room up. It's a typical German bathroom, but all I can think of is summer camp. Blech.

We are lucky though. We have double sinks and a separate laundry room in our bathroom. Both of which are rarities in German living quarters. Usually, the laundry facilities are located in the kitchen. That grosses me out to no end. That's why this bathroom is starting to grow on me. Our laundry room is in its own curtained off, albeit small, area. When I think of what it could be, I am thankful for what I have. 

All of these photos show our flat pre-move in...so, now that our stuff is here and in it's right place, it looks even better. I will post "after" photos when I've finally got it decorated as I want it. That's a whole lotta drama in itself. I'm seriously never satisfied. Stupid type A personality. So, that's it folks! This is our flat and all it's German glory! We truly love it...camp bathroom and all. 

Thank's for stopping by! Y'all, come back now, ya hear!


  1. Oh my gosh, I LOVE it! It is so cozy and all of the details are so great! The hardwoods, the ceiling trim the rounded doorways...it is precious and perfect for y'all!

  2. OMG I love it! It is gorgeous! I can't wait to see pics of it all decorated!

  3. Love your flat! My husband is military and were moving to Germany soon! I feel like I may be getting my hopes up by looking at your pictures. lol. Did y'all look around a lot? Are there many apts/flats like this?

  4. What a great house! I don't think you've posted the "after" photos yet, but you should! It looks like you get great natural light (when it's sunny there, of course), and I love the wood floors. The little bedroom nook and chandelier is fantastic, too! What a great find!

  5. Love your home! I am also an AF wife and just found out that we will be moving to Wiesbaden. We love your blog and are so excited to move. How did you find a place like this?


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