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Jan 17, 2014

FRESH FACE FRIDAY [& Blog Hop!]: Meet Dayna & Belinda

What up, Friday? Glad you finally made your appearance. This week was sort of ho-hum here in the land of lederhosen. The weather is back to being cold and dreary (surprise, surprise), and even though we tried to do a bit of spring cleaning, spring is no closer to coming out from hiding. It's crazy, we've had only a sprinkle of snow this entire winter and some crazy 55°F temps for a few consecutive weeks...ironically enough while much of the USA was frozen like popsicles. Not the typical German winter we're used to. Could it be that I'm really complaining about NOT having snow? Yeah, a little. If we end up moving to Florida this summer (which is a possibility), this was the last winter I could have hoped to see snow. We've still got a few months left, so maybe there's still hope? Only time will tell. As for the here and now...we're making our way up to Dresden this weekend. Originally we had plans to drive up to Berlin, but can I just confess I have no interest in seeing Berlin? There...it's been said. People go on an on about how historical and "must-see" Berlin is, but hearing that the entire city is covered in scaffolding and isn't...well...that pretty...makes me less inclined to see it. I'm well aware travel isn't all about visiting gorgeous places, but roaming already dreary streets in the dead of winter just sounds flippin' awful. Maybe we'll squeeze in a quick trip there this spring, but for now, Dresden is our plan this 3-day weekend!

Hope you've all got some fun activities lined up...or at least a little relaxing penciled in for your weekend. Before you mosey on, add these two sweet bloggers to your reading list and link your own creative space up to the Fresh Face Friday Blog Hop! Meeting new-to-you bloggers has never been so easy! Enjoy your weekend, friends!

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Dayna's blog, Princess Burlap, is one I just recently found while roaming around Twitter one morning. Since my discovery, her blog has rapidly become one of my favorite daily reads! Dayna has an undeniable way with words. Her posts range anywhere from super witty, heartfelt, and thought-provoking...all the way to downright HILARIOUS. When her dog, Toast, takes over her blog from time to time, I find myself in stitches! He's a hoot and a half. If you're not following along with the Princess Burlap blog, you're missing out on some quality blogging. This fan gives it two thumbs way up! Go make friends with Dayna today, y'all!

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Belinda here is no stranger to Fresh Face Friday, but if you haven't had the pleasure of visiting her blog, Found Love, Now What?, what are you waiting for?! Belinda is an avid traveler and expat hailing from the Pacific Northwest, but currently living in the United Kingdom. Over on her little slice of the interwebs, Belinda shares wonderful travel tips and recaps, insight to what it's like to be an expat abroad, and lots of advice on wedding planning & surviving and thriving in a long-distance relationship. Go ahead and add Belinda's blog to your favorite reads list...she's an absolute blogging gem!

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  1. I wouldn't blame you for not wanting to visit Berlin, especially in the dead of winter. I'd love to see it at some point in my life but there are other places that would probably be a little more appealing right about now. :) I hope you get some snow!

  2. Holy cow, it's Friday. I've been waiting for Friday all week and now it's here! (I woke up thinking it was Thursday, so this post made me quite happy.) And yeah, unless I'm in Paris, I'm kinda over big cities. Smaller towns are way more interesting.

  3. I'm a little sad about the no-snow... but the odd bit of sunshine we're getting makes me happy :)

  4. Oh, I am really surprised you have no interested in visiting Berlin.
    For me, it is the MOST fascinating city in whole Germany- it's not only the political center and the capital but just has a really interesting history with the Berlin Wall and everything. Today, the city is one of the most artsy and lively places for young people and it is very impressive to see all this mixed together in one city! I cannot wait to go back there in March :)
    Unfortunately, I have not been to Dresden so far. People I know say, that it has an impressive and beautiful city center with historical buildings at all BUT unfortunately most parts of the city are run down and not "pretty". Nevertheless, I think you will have a great time there. I can't wait to see pictures!
    Cheers from Nuremberg (another city you should come visit ;))

  5. haha I'm also hping that snow will make an appearance in the two remaining months of winter. It's also been unusually warm here in Switzerland and it seems as if this winter is one of those global warming alerts in these parts of Europe while the States are freezing. Crazy!

    Have a great weekend in Dresden :)

  6. So you will leave Germany without visiting Berlin??? I cannot believe it!!! You'll regret!! By the way, I'm glad you enjoyed Barcelona.

    1. Maybe so! Like I said...not high on my list of places to see...but if we have time, we'll squeeze it in. After visiting so many big cities recently...I'm good with visiting smaller places for a while. It'll always be there if we want to come back someday!

  7. We're in Berlin this weekend! It is cold and gray this time of year, but Berlin is one of my favorite cities in the world. There is a ton of awesome shopping, great cheap food, and lots of cool museums and history stuff. It reminds me of New York sometimes with its hipsters and graffiti and wicked good restaurants (only cheaper than the big apple). It had an edge, so if you prefer pretty cities you might not like it. But I'd say it's worth a visit! :)

    1. Fun! I definitely prefer the adorable kitschy Germany towns over the big cities...plus, I'm not a big history buff. Nor do we frequent museums! I'm more of a stroller...stopping in for coffees...looking for pretty landscapes and photos to take. The cheap food does entice me, though!

  8. It makes me sad that you don't have an interest in Berlin :( It stole a piece of my heart while I was studying abroad there. The very middle of the city has construction, but it's really not that bad. I only really noticed it around the museum area from what I remember (it was in 2012). There are some gorgeous places to see like Charlottenburg Palace and Sans Souci, Frederick the Great's palace, is a short drive away in Potsdam. Plus a ton of places I didn't see in the five weeks I was there. (Like how did I miss that?! kind of places.) I really hope you'll give it a try before you leave.

    1. Aww don't be sad! Just like Berlin has stollen a piece of your heart because you lived there...Southern Germany has mine! I'm more into the kitschy fairytale villages, wine routes, and basically anything to do with Bavaria. Big cities in Germany don't thrill me as much anymore! BUT...I do agree it's worth a visit. With so much history...how could it not be! We had friends visit in August and said it basically was a city of scaffolding, so that kept us pushing it to the wayside. Maybe we'll squeeze it in during springtime...it's not off the table!


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