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Jun 8, 2011

Langley In The Rear View

**Warning! This is a picture dense post. Seriously. Hope you love looking at photos!**

I can't believe we've finally left Virginia. It seems like just yesterday D and I were finishing up our last year of college and took our last spring break trip here to scope out our soon-to-be home for 3 years. Time really does fly. This place has been good to us. We've made great friends, had our first "big boy/girl" jobs, rented our first real home (and then another), spent hours upon hours lounging at the beach, and got in alot of historic sight-seeing. Even though D and I spent our first year of marriage still in college living in North Carolina, I feel like our lives as adults began the second we stepped foot in Virginia. As scared as we were to be married and out on our own, this state, this base, embraced us and we flourished. We've made so many memories...too many to count...and have been blessed beyond belief. As we were getting ready to leave the comfort of our fabulous room at the Langley TLF, I found myself reflecting on my most favorite memories from our time here. There are too many to share, but here are a few of the highlights of the last 3 years:

Spring Break 2008--our first visit to VA to scope out our soon-to-be home! Spent the day whale watching on the Rudee Flipper in VA Beach.

Our first real home...I fell in LOVE with this house on base. This was after 6 months of living in the tiniest apartment I'd ever lived in. Horrible.

BBQ with friends in our back yard. This was before we broke out the cornhole!

We spent hours upon hours at the beach in Fort Monroe...we loved those beaches, so secluded. We also liked taking walks around the Fort.

Dinners on top of dinners, on top of dinners...we had a good time celebrating every event under the sun with our awesome friends.

Wine Festivals...

Moving into the newest house while D was deployed...

And these girls helped me to keep it all together while our boys were away.

Beer Olympics...one of the best parties I've ever been to. And it wasn't just because we won. But we did...we totally won. And it was awesome! Go Red Jaguars!

One of the 10 times we went to Busch Gardens...it was one of the must-see places when our friends would come up for visits. We were always happy to oblige.

Cousins Weekend with my sister and cousins from Kansas!!


Norfolk Tides baseball game

4th of July with Team Barnes! We explored Williamsburg (for the 37th time), ate at the Cheese Shop (sandwiches are to DIE for), drank copious amounts of wine, and watched the fireworks on the Governor's Palace lawn. Best 4th of July ever. Best summer ever, really.

Air Power Over Hampton Roads Air Show with my family.

Michael Buble with Team Barnes!!!

Going Away Parties...while fun, we never wanted them to happen because that meant yet another friend was leaving us.

ChristmasTown at Busch Gardens before Christmas.

Dinners at The Sunset Grill in the marina after spending hours on the beach or at Water Country USA.

The day D got promoted to 1st Lieutenant!

Of course...the hours we spent at various beaches around Hampton Roads...

My 23rd birthday cake made by some dear friends of ours...it was a creation to behold.

The Office Party. Here is D as Kevin from Jim and Pam's wedding episode. Hilarious. And yes, those are tissue boxes for shoes.

And finally....
D's Homecoming.

Leila Wylie Photography
Leila Wylie Photography
Leila Wylie Photography
 I am so thankful for all of these memories and the people who made them all worth remembering. Now, as we close the Langley chapter of our lives together, we are looking forward to the newest chapter...Germany! Stay tuned for all of the new adventures we will encounter as we cross the pond! T-15 days!


  1. I'm so excited for you.. You guys are going to love Europe and have so many more adventures. Please keep me posted on when you have time to visit Holland, or would like a familiar face in Germany! I'd love to see you both!

  2. I just found your blog through the Fresh Face linkup on All Things E. A) Go AF! I'm an AF brat and my boyfriend just separated after 10 years in. B) This post made me so happy. My dad retired out of Langley and I consider that whole area my hometown. We're in Montana now and I miss Virginia all the time so I am overjoyed that you had such a good time there!


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